Sunday, April 30, 2017

What were they thinking? Balenciaga Blanket Square Bag, Bazaar Shopper, Arena Shopper

Balenciaga has been thinking outside the box in creating new styles for their line.  This time they are taking ideas from things you would see while shopping or even everyday home storage solutions.

First up is their blanket square bag which is inspired by a PVC blanket storage bag. Similar to Asian blankets stored inside, they have adorned the outside of the bag with a pretty floral pattern. Balenciaga's version comes in an array of sizes to fit your desired amount items from small, medium and XL.  From a whopping $1995 to $3760 USD. See the various colors/materials here at Barneys. 

pic source

Next up is the Bazaar shopper that is inspired from those market bags you see while out and about at the local Asian markets that are great for holding your grocery haul.  Barneys has several Bazaar bags ready to be purchased in different sizes and colors.  Price ranging from $825 for a crossbody version or a whopping $4435 for one made of Python! See it here

Finally, the last bag that's been making rounds on the internet is Balenciaga's blue Arena shopper. This bag looks identical the 99 cents IKEA Frakta bag. The Arena shopper is retailing for a whopping $2145.  This particular bag has garnered so much attention that even IKEA decided to respond. 

source IKEA
source IKEA

I am quite baffled by these styles that Balenciaga has come out with. I'm not sure where there direction is.  Any publicity is good publicity, right? If you truly desire to purchase Balenciaga's versions of these bags, I would hold out for the coming spring sales.  I am sure these bags will probably end up discounted at their outlet stores.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Balenciaga City goes even smaller: Introducing the Nano style

First off, I just wanted to wish all my readers a very happy and healthy new year! Best wishes to you and your family! 

The mini bag trend continues into 2017 as Balenciaga has recently shrunk their iconic City size even more!  The new Nano style is their smallest version of the bag, measuring at 7" x 4.5" x 2.5" with an adjustable shoulder strap of 23".  This tiny bag will not hold much, probably a regular sized smartphone, lipstick, credit card holder and maybe a couple of keys. It is very adorable to look at but probably it not practical if you need to carry a lot.  It is currently retailing for $1075 at Matches Fashion.  

Also available at Neiman Marcus is the Nano City with the metallic edge hardware for slightly more at $1175 in black and gray

I'm in the market for a new bag and I really want to take the plunge on the Mini City for an upcoming trip! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Style: Balenciaga Mute City

Continuing with their minimalism aesthetic (see previous post on their Blackout collection), Balenciaga has introduced the City Mute.  The name is very peculiar but this new style moves their famous hardware studs to the sides of the bag and shifts the exterior zip pocket upwards.  The shape is simplified with straight lines and the whip stitch lacing is no longer on the handles. By doing this, it makes the bag far less "busy" looking, hence creating another minimalist version of the the Motorcycle line. Its very refreshing to see that they will take a classic and spin it into something that is on trend right now. 

Currently the Mute City is offered in a cute XS size and Small size at MyTheresa.