Friday, November 27, 2009

Craving A: Flat Clutch (Giant Handle)

This seems like such an ideal night out bag or even a bag to take on quick errands. It reminds me of a oversized coin purse with a nice wristlet strap. I love the giant hardware on it, its such a nice pop of "bling" on the bag. I have always thought that clutches were a huge waste of money since it's like practically paying almost as much for a regular shoulder bag. Though now I've come to realization that every gal needs an "evening" bag.

I particularly like this style because it has a removable wristlet strap for extra security. Ever since losing my Dooney and Burke wallet one day at the supermarket many years ago, I'm very paranoid about my belongings. So if this is carried by hand and the strap looped on the wrist, then the chances of leaving it somewhere is slim - hopefully.

It is also a very roomy bag, though its flat, it's dimensions (11"x 8.5") are on the bigger side for clutch bags. So its nice to be able to carry a few more things if you need to, like your digital camera and wallet for example.

The deal breaker for buying this bag of course is seeing one on Nicole Richie! She is carrying a black one with gold hardware, such a classic combination. I've also added a picture of Heidi Montag wearing a black with Covered Giant Hardware, which looks pretty chic as well.

Purchase this at for $795.