Sunday, November 29, 2009

Currently Loving My 06 Blue India City

A couple months back, I was able to find this baby on ebay to which the seller says it was in almost new condition. I asked for more detailed and close up photos to be sure, and made her an offer. She said she would sell it to me cheaper if I did an off ebay transaction, something that I highly don't recommend unless you do a thorough check of the seller. I agreed and paid through Paypal, and the bag arrived in 4 days.

It is a lovely color, hard to describe but a yummy aqua blue that is definitely lighter than 2007's Aquamarine. It looks like this color is being repeated in the 2010 pre-spring collection, since Cyclade is very similar but maybe a tad lighter.
This is my very first City! I've purchased the "First" twice and sold them both, a white one because I needed the cash and didn't want a light colored bag anymore, and a black one which I didn't really like the leather. I always thought the City would be too big for me and the double handles was a turn off. I used her on Wednesday and I have to say the City is a great style. I love that the double handles can be carried on the crook of the arm or it can even fit on the shoulder. I haven't really used the shoulder strap yet, so will have to get back on that one.

I first thought this blue would be hard to pull off or difficult to match, but if you pair it with neutral colors, then it will all work out!