Thursday, November 26, 2009

Good bye to 2009 colors! (Part 3 Fall/Winter)

This is a continuation in our farewell to the 2009 colors!

Ciel: A wonderful icy blue that is a definite reminder of 2005's Ice Blue! This color is very soft and should make a very nice neutral.

Pommier: Pommier or "Palm Tree" can be most related to the coveted 2007 Vert Gazon (Kelly Green). The only difference to the two is that Vert Gazon had more yellow undertones than Pommier, but this can only be seen when you place the two together. This is a great color if you missed out on Vert Gazon the first time around.

Galet: I call this color the "elephant skin", because the leather texture and color reminds me of their skin. Galet seems like a repeat of 2006 Greige, but the positive side is that this color comes in Giant hardware. This color was most popular with giant silver hardware.

Raisin: This is also one of this season's most popular color. This is Balenciaga's 3rd purple in a row taking after 2007's Violet, and 2008's Sapphire. If you ask me which one Raisin is closer to, I'd give it to Violet. When I compared my friend's raisin coin purse to my Violet day they were so close in color except maybe her's had a little bit more of a red undertone. Sapphire is similar but had more of a blue undertone to it compared to Raisin. If I wasn't able to find a 2007 Violet day on ebay, I would have bought this color as a nice filler for something purple in my collection.

Chataigne: This color is referred to "Chestnut" on the Balenciaga website. It definitely does remind me of a chestnut that you would find at the supermarket. Chataigne looks like a rich medium brown hue. I haven't been noticing a lot of purchases for this color yet, so it might be a little bit on the less popular side for color preference.

Poupre: A lot of Bal lovers were hoping this would be close to the older reds from 2005 like Rouge Theatre, but Poupre or "Pomegranate" is not quite like it. The name says it all, as the shade does look like a pomegranate fruit. Though I haven't seen it in the store yet, I would say this red has a slight pink undertone in it, but nonetheless is still a bold, vibrant red that looks splendid with silver hardware.

Tempete: I have to say this stormy blue hue is one of my favorites. The closest previous color that I can link tempete to is 2007's Blue Glacier/Periwinkle. I would say that Tempete (also known as "Storm") definitely has a grayish undertone to it, kind of like the stormy gray seas. I purchased Tempete Coin Purse with silver hardware, and I have to say I'm smitten with it, color and all.

Bubblegum 09: I adore this pink, and it is supposedly the repeat of Framboise, but the Bal Boutiques are calling it bubblegum 09 since there was also a bubblegum in 2005 and 2008. This pink looks nothing like 2005's light pink bubblegum, but bears similarity to 2008. I would say this year's bubblegum is a shade lighter, but still very desirable and feminine. It was only sold in Balenciaga boutiques exclusively and I have not seen it anywhere else. I did purchase this in the pencil style, but ended up exchanging due to the size (too small).

Overall, I would have to say Balenciaga is starting to do a lot of repeats in colors. I honestly do not blame them because there are only so many colors in the spectrum. Though these colors were not exact repeats because they were off by a shade or two, avid Balenciaga fans have taken notice and have held back on purchasing because they do not prefer repeating colors in their ever expanding collection.