Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2005 Turquoise First

Bought this off ebay, but ended up asking the seller if she would accept a return. It is a lovely bag, but since it was advertised as almost new, it was a little more used than I had hoped for. This color is striking and so bright, I don't think Balenciaga will ever replicate this gorgeous color again. The leather is amazingly thick and wrinkly (my favorite kind), and I would have to say that it reminded me of some of my 2007 bags.

The condition was good for a bag from 2005 (almost 5 years ago!), but the thing that bothered me the most was the "sticky" handles. It's hard to describe, but it feels different from the rest of the bag. The "sticky" handles is an obvious sign of either major usage or maybe because of the hot/humid climate the bag was used in. It bugged me because I'm a germ freak, but I don't mind bags that are used only a few times, but it was definitely used more than advertised. There were some small dirt marks, and the handles showed some "warming" aka darkening that was slight. The corners were excellent except for maybe one that showed tiny wear, but there were some big scratches on the front and back.

Unfortunately, I've learned my lesson to ask for lots of close up pictures of a bag because condition is always subjective, what may be like new to someone can be very used to someone else. In some instances, I hate it when someone advertises the bag as brand new, but then when you start reading the description it says it was used no more than 10 times or something along the lines. If the bag was even used once, then it's considered used.

On a positive note, the seller was very understanding and allowed me to return for a full refund. So I'm glad things didn't turn nasty.

Here are pictures of this beauty, the pictures came out better than the bag actually looks/feels. Don't worry I didn't take the bag out, only tried it on for 10 seconds to get a modeling picture as a reference to this entry. I hope one day to come across a mint condition 2005 bag!

Here's a recent picture of Nicole Richie carrying a 05 Turquoise Work (yellow stain and all):