Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Giant Coin Purse has changed!

I was browsing on the HgBags website and admiring the new coin purses that just came in. I've noticed that there is some "different about them". I took out my tempete giant coin purse (2009) to compare and noticed that they moved the front pocket down an inch on the Sang coin purse, whereas the tempete's front pocket is way up almost at the main compartment's opening.

Not sure if I like it, maybe I'm not use to it yet. I know a negative from it will be that it will hold less stuff if they move it down! I like to fill that pocket to the brim with coins.

I have it on pre-order for Sorbet GSH, I'm slightly disappointed because they won't match my plomb gsh, and tempete. Weird I know.