Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Matches Has Two New Colors In: Cyclade, and the new Sahara

As I was updating my links to buy Balenciaga thread, I noticed that Matches has two of the new colors in! Only two styles, but it's still exciting to see clear, professional photos of the bag. Unfortunately, though these colors are very pretty, they look like repeats from previous seasons.

First up is a gorgeous Cyclade covered giant City! I really love this shade of blue, it reminds me of blue india from 2006, but maybe with a little more blue tone to it.

Next is the new Sahara in a regular hardware in the PomPon. It definitely bears the resemblance to 2008 Sahara, but the leather on 2010 Sahara looks smooth and is more on the shiny side. I am not a fan of tan bags, but I bet this will look nice with the new Rose Gold hardware that's coming out as well. Cannot wait to see those! Check these bags out here.