Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Medium "Papier" Bag on Matches Fashion

This bag has newly arrived onto the Matches Fashion website, and it gives us an in depth look of their new line called "Papier". It is selling for 855 Euro currently.

My guess for it being called "Papier" because it means "paper" or "wrapper" in French. So being called this we can assume that the leather is paper thin, or paper bag-like? I'm not exactly loving the fact that they've abandoned their luscious wrinkly leathers for this new line. It looks very structured and maybe will also lack their signature slouch as well. Something else new is that these babies are lined in suede rather than black cotton fabric.

Unfortunately this blue color does not wow me either, it looks very dull and muted.

Maybe these will make good office bags? It'll be a pass for me though.

Check it out at Matches Fashion here.