Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Styles on

So I finally got the site to work on my laptop and was able to take some screen shots of some new styles.

Many are probably a miss for me, but my favorite would have to be the first with giant hardware in the new Canard blue.

So if you are having difficulty viewing them on the Balenciaga site, hopefully this will help you.

All I have to say is that there are a lot of new styles coming out this season that it is practically overwhelming!

There are 39 pictures in the bag section, check it out here.

Yellow Tote
Straw Besace
I have no idea what this is, but it's really cute!

Town with Rose Gold HardwareVelo with Covered Giant Hardware
Patchwork City
Straw Tote?
Canvas Sunday Tote
Canvas Tote
Sorbet Luggage
Papeete Drum
Outremer Luggage
Croc Work?
Classic Ticket

Papeete Covered Giant Hardware Club
Canard First with Giant Silver Hardware