Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oldies Alert! 2006 Grenat First on Diabro and 2007 GGH Hobo at Tampa, FL

If you are willing to chalk up to Diabro's above retail price, there is what appears to be a brand spanking new 2006 Grenat First on their site. I made sure to check the metal plate where the letter is marked "W"! It is selling for a whopping $1608.70 (which includes 12% discount). Due to currency differences, I'm guessing that's why their prices are so high. Someone snatch this up! Click here.

Also Neiman Marcus in Tampa, Florida has a 2007 Black Giant Hobo with Gold Hardware, this is their only GGH handbag available for $1245. This combination/style is very hard to find since all US Balenciaga stores have gotten rid of stock from 2008 and before, so it's best to get it from there. Ask for Winnie, she is an amazing and very helpful SA! Phone is 813 877 5700 x 2123