Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whitney Port's Sister Carries Suede Giant City

So, there must be something in Hollywood's drinking water! We have been seeing a lot of Celebrity's galpals carrying Balenciaga lately.  This time it is Whitney Port's sister is carrying a white Giant City with a navy suede body.  What's interesting about these bags it that they have Gunmetal hardware, which was also used on Neiman Marcus's Limited Edition Turquoise City in 2007 (a stunning combination).  This bag was released in early 2008 season, and I do recall hearing about these going on sale at Nordstrom a while ago. I am a fan of the Toile and Damask Canvas bags from 2006, but one negative thing about it is that the suede will eventually fuzz from wear as opposed to leather. 

Port & sister is seen here shopping at Westfield Mall in Century City on Saturday.

Image via x17online

Today's Email from - BALENCIAGA - think sand dunes

This Sahara Giant Covered Hardware Velo is looking mighty good! I'm not usually a fan of beige/tan bags, so I'm guessing its the lavender background against it is making it suddenly more appealing!

Anywho, thought I'd throw this in because its beautifully photographed.  And because I love Bal Ads.  Click the Ad if you want to go directly to the Barneys website.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rebecca Gayheart's Friend Carries a Red Balenciaga City

This time Rebecca Gayheart isn't carrying her beautiful 03 Pewter Hardware City, but her friend is carrying what looks like an older red city without the shoulder strap (kind of hard to tell since the picture is small).  Though I like my shoulder straps attached my bags, because it feels naked without it, haha. This picture is taken on January 29, while the two were leaving Cafe Med together in Los Angeles, CA. 

Image via WENN 

HGBags Email: AMAZING HUGE LIST BRAND NEW Balenciaga 08/09s

Sorry, I'm a little late posting this as I was not sure if it was allowed, but since someone posted it on a public forum, I guess it would be okay to put it here.  If not, let me know! 

HgBags is getting in some oldies!! I haven't been able to pre-order or confirm anything as she is already backed up with hundreds of emails, but there are some great finds that have been retired.  I hope to get a magenta SGH coin to replace the Sorbet coin purse I canceled.

HAPPY FRIDAY!  You will not believe your eyes at this list of coming arrivals from Balenciaga to HGBags!  Many many of the colors from 08 and 09 that you are all asking about on a daily basis, even including Gold HW, that we can rarely acquire.  This is truly a rare opportunity to find these SOLD OUT, RETIRED colors that are BRAND NEW, never worn, BELOW RETAIL!!! 
Below is a list of items avail for immediate reserve, prior to posting on our site - we encourage you to reserve, as many of these will be sold out within a few hrs.  This list of items is due in to HGBags anytime in the next 2-4 wks and are guaranteed.  You will notice the prices may fluctuate by color, season and hardware as we've had to pay different amts within the same style.  We will answer e-mails in the order we receive them for pre-orders.  Please be patient with us and expect an answer to your inquiry by Monday morning.  Thank you :-)
FULL Payment (FREE SHIPPING will be offered to anyone that reserves ahead of time) will be required at this time to hold an item, but will be REFUNDABLE in full if you are not pleased with the photos when the item arrives to us.  When it arrives, photos will be sent out and you can confirm your item at that time.  If you are not pleased with your item from the photos, we will work diligently with you to find another leather choice or refund your full payment - there will be multiples of most items, so again we will do our best to accomodate any leather requests.  Payments will be taken via paypal, googlecheckout, credit card, money order, western union or bank wire. 

If you are not reserving a bag, there is no need to request photos - the bags will be posted to our site when they arrive and we will send another e-mail notification that they are there for viewing and purchase on a first come, first serve basis. 
FREE SHIPPING will be offered for anyone that reserves ahead of time - UPS Ground domestic and Priority Mail International.  Shipping info and our return policy can be found on our site. We welcome international buyers and will do our best to try and make your buying experience the easiest as possible!
Click here to inquire.
Hardwares listed are as follows:
RH - reg brass
SGH - Silver Giant
GGH - Gold Giant
CGH - Covered Giant
Item style number HW Color Price
Mini Money 225088 RH Tempete 325

Giant Traveler 177410 SGH Argent 695

177410 SGH Sapphire

Mini Mini Coin 130782 RH Anthra 225

130782 RH Marine 225

130782 RH Tempete 225

130782 RH Officier 225

130782 RH Bubblegum 225

130782 RH Ruby 225

130782 RH mandarin 225

Coin 130783 RH Vert Thyme 225

130783 RH marine 225

130783 RH Blue Layette 225

130783 RH Officier 225

130783 RH Black Cherry 225

130783 RH Pourpre 225

130783 RH Lilac 225

130783 RH Ruby 225

130783 RH mandarin 225

Giant Coin Purse 186191 GGH Black 295

186191 GGH Anthra 295

186191 GGH Vert Thyme 295

186191 GGH Elec Turquoise 295

186191 GGH Black Cherry 295

186191 GGH Sapphire 295

186191 GGH Ruby 295

186191 SGH Argent 295

186191 SGH Sapphire 295

186191 SGH Magenta 295

186191 SGH Bubblegum 295

186191 SGH mandarin 295

Pencil 224917 RH Noix 295

224917 RH Tempete 295

224917 RH raisin 295

Giant Pencil 224923 SGH Black 325

224923 SGH Noix 325

Giant Pencil 224925 CGH Galet 345

224925 CGH Pourpre 345

First 103208 RH Tempete 995

103208 RH Pourpre 995

103208 RH Lilac 995

103208 RH raisin 995

Makeup 110481 RH Vert Thyme 395

110481 RH Officier 395

110481 RH Ruby 395

110481 RH Sanguine 395

City 115748 RH Pommier 1195

115748 RH Pourpre 1195

Twiggy 128523 RH Vert Thyme 995

128523 RH Pourpre 995

128523 RH raisin 1005

Part time 168028 RH Galet 1265

168028 RH Pourpre 1225

168028 RH Bubblegum 1225

168028 RH raisin 1265

Giant Part Time 173082 GGH Skye blue 1495

173082 SGH Black 1465

173082 GGH Galet 1595

173082 GGH raisin 1595

173082 SGH Tempete 1545

173082 SGH Pourpre 1545

173082 SGH Sanguine 1545

Giant City 173084 GGH Elec Turquoise 1445

173084 GGH Skye blue 1445

173084 GGH Rouge Vermillion 1445

173084 SGH Electric Blue 1495

173084 SGH Rouge Vermillion 1445

173084 GGH Charbon 1525

173084 GGH raisin 1525

173084 SGH Galet 1525

173084 SGH Tempete 1495

173084 SGH Pourpre 1495

173084 SGH raisin 1495

Giant Covered City 204529 CGH Galet 1595

204529 CGH Tempete 1595

204529 CGH Pourpre 1595

204529 CGH Bubblegum 1595

204529 CGH raisin 1595

Club 224913 RH Pourpre 985

Giant Day 173081 GGH Mogano 1095

173081 SGH Elec blue 1095

173081 SGH Black 1065

173081 SGH marine 1065

173081 SGH Sanguine 1065

Giant Covered Day 204527 CGH Argent 1185

Giant Covered Besace 204532 CGH Noix 1095

Work 132110 RH Tempete 1295

132110 RH Pourpre 1295

Giant Work 173080 SGH Elec blue 1575

173080 SGH Magenta 1575

173080 GGH Galet 1625

173080 GGH Ruby 1595

173080 SGH Galet 1625

Giant Brief 173085 SGH Elec blue 1445

Giant Besace 182076 SGH Pourpre 995

Giant Flat Clutch 177286 SGH Elec blue 655

177286 SGH Magenta 645

177286 SGH Officier 645

Giant Envelope Clutch 186182 SGH Elec blue 795

186182 GGH Black 795

186182 SGH Galet 795

186182 SGH Marine 795

186182 SGH Amethyst 795

Friday, January 29, 2010

Today's Email from Aloha Rag: More Balenciaga 2010 New Arrivals

Original Text:

Hello everyone!
We know a lot of you have been anxiously waiting for the Outremer and it’s finally here!! Plus a lot of other goodies!!!

CITY $1395










SUNDAY (M) $1345





Jayde Nicole's friend carries Balenciaga Galet Classic Day

Even though it's kind of hard to make out, it appears that Jayde Nicole's galpal is carrying a Galet day.  If I find a better picture, I'll post it!  They were spotted shopping at Kitson in LA on Janary 28, 2010.

Don't really care for Jayde's outfit, but I really like her friend's off shoulder sweater. Cute, goes with her bag. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rebecca Gayheart Out Shopping

Rebecca Gayheart was spotted again on January 28 out shopping in LA.  The soon to be mommy is seen here carrying her yummy Balenciaga Pewter Hardware City *drool*.  It has the perfect slouch to it, and the leather must be fabulous to the touch.  It looks like she has also paired a Louis Vuitton Epi Zippy Wallet in a purple hue (I want to say its official color is "Cassis", but I'm not 100% sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.)  But all I can say about her bag is, WANT IT.

Images via x17online

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nicole Richie Out in West Hollywood

Nicole Richie is spotted here in West Hollywood, CA on January 26, 2010 going out to dinner.  Not everyone can pull off the messy, raggedy look, but she totally can rock it!  She looks cute by pairing gray skinny jeans with black booties.  I'm not a huge fan of the printed drape cardigan, but the red scarf pulls the entire look together by adding a pop of color.  Of course her black City is present too!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally! New Colors for Sale on has finally updated their website with some new colors!  It looks like they have most of the colors in except for Canard, Mustard, and Olive.

Here are a few favorites of mine:

Yummy Sang First and Sorbet GSH Day:

Though I'm not so happy with the changes they made to the Giant Coin Purse (shown in Outremer):

It looks like a mini Giant Handle Flat Clutch!

Will you end up getting anything off the site?

Check it out here at

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kate Beckinsale with Tempete Giant City

British beauty, Kate Beckinsale was seen on January 24, 2010 carrying a Tempete/Storm GSH City from the 2009 collection.  Kate, hubby Len, and daughter Lily were out with friends in Santa Monica, CA.

Interestingly enough she wears her City sans shoulder strap.  When I carry my City, I almost always use the shoulder strap at some point during the day!

I really love the color Tempete as it's distressing can vary from really marble-y or nice and smooth.  It is a blue with grayish undertones and can make a nice neutral when you want it to be.

Kate is absolute perfection! I love her and her style.

Images via Zimbio

Pictures of my Smooshy Pile of Balenciagas!

I've decided to take some pictures of my Bals and they came out pretty nice!

Classic Hardware:

Giant Hardware:


From top to bottom:
  • 09 Framboise Mini Coin Purse
  • 07 Plomb GSH Coin Purse
  • 09 Tempete GSH Coin Purse
  • 09 Framboise Coin Purse
  • 07 Black Shoulder
  • 07 Ivory Twiggy
  • 06 Blue India City
  • 04 Eggplant City
  • 07 Black GGH Day
  • 07 Black GSH Day
  • 07 Violet GSH Day
The hunt for these bags is so addicting, the desire for a multitude of colors is overwhelming! I've had Bal fever since 06, went on a hiatus when I was pregnant with my son, and hopped on board again when I couldn't fill my desire with a Longchamp le pliage tote.  I tried to get off Bal, but I just couldn't!

This is why I love blogging about these bags, the leather is so amazingly soft and squishy, and not one are alike.  I don't think I will ever lose interest in these bags. Ever.

Sunday, January 24, 2010 Spring Colors Bag Arrivals (Outremer & Cyclade)

Is it just me or do these bags look insanely saturated in color? Of all the pictures I have seen so far of the spring 2010 collection, Barneys' pictures are the most beautiful.  I don't know if they have good lighting or an amazing photographer, but I am tempted to see if these are really that nice in real life.  These pictures are very reminiscent of 2005's color saturation!

 What's interesting is that I also see a Truffle work still available on their site, and I think that is from 2006.  I hope it isn't an error and instead they're sending out Charbon works. 

Check out Barney's newest stuff here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hilary Duff out with Work bag and Sunburst Uggs

My most favorite winter time shoe has to be Uggs.  They are so comfortable and warm, and are cute, but not really fashionable.  When it comes to clothing and shoes, I guess I am more of the "dress for comfort type".

Hilary Duff is spotted here on January 21 shopping in Brentwood, CA.  She pairs a black open cardigan with  nice worn-in jeans tucked into her chestnut Uggs.  Her black covered work bag has some interesting distressing, or it could be just the lighting? Either way, I'm a fan of her look! Casual yet very cute and put together.

Image via Just Jared.

Nicole Richie wearing Hunter rainboots in Hollywood

Nicole Richie has been spotted yet again out in Hollywood at a business meeting on Friday, January 22.  I love the fact that she has paired gray skinny jeans tucked into Hunter Wellington boos, with a black blazer.  She looks so fabulous without overdoing it.  I am a fan of rain boots right now because of the crappy New England weather we have been getting.  Let me just say that my Ugg boots are destroyed from the gross, wet snow.  I am definitely looking into investing in a pair of rain boots!

But! Let's not forget the main reason of this blog entry.  The coveted black city bag that she has been seen wearing hundreds of times! Her city bag adds a special finishing touch to her outfit, a boho-chic element maybe?  The way that it is so slouchy and just hangs lazily off her shoulder.. that bag's leather must feel like butter by now!

Loves it! I adore her trendy style.  I think I need a black blazer too now.

Celebrity Spotting (Sorta): Jon Gosselin's newest Galpal has multiple Balenciagas

Hollywood's notorious father of eight, Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend.  *gag*  Morgan Christie has a what looks like either 04 pistachio city or 09 granny city that is nicely broken in.  Almost a week ago, she was also seen carrying a very pretty white GGH City. In this picture, the duo has been spotted in Utah on January 22, Friday probably hitting up the slopes, since Jon is a snowboarding junkie.

Don't get me wrong, I use to adore Jon as the doting, wonderful dad during the show (Jon & Kate +8) during the early seasons, but now his true colors have shown.  Jon, you might have poor taste in girls, but at least she can pick out a nice hand bag when she sees one! HA.

I'm not Team Jon nor Team Kate.. I am team Gosselin kids!!!!!

Image via & Just Jared.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today's Email from HGbags, Pre-owned, and New Sandals and Flats

HgBags has some new arrivals in their pre-owned section, and some new arrivals for shoes!  My favorite would have to be the Sorbet flats, such a pretty color for spring!

Original Texts:

Get ready for Spring with these hot new arrivals from the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2010 shoe pre-collection.  We are featuring the Gladiator Sandal in Sahara and the Ballerina Flat in Sorbet and Sahara!  They are only $395 on site, retail is $545!

Some hot new bags have been added to our pre-owned Balenciaga section.  Check out these rare beauties all at great prices!! 
- 05 Teal Chevre City - Good
- 08 Black GGH Work - New
- 07 Ocean Extra Courier - Good
- Black Shoe Bag (one of the original seasons) - Very Good
- Charbon Square Tote - Mint

Newly Engaged Tara Reid with Giant City

Newly engaged Tara Reid is seen here with fiance Michael Axtmann.  I don't love her t-shirt as it reminds me of the plastic bags I get with my take out meals, but loving the giant city!  I will never own one because I did at one point and it was too heavy because of all the hardware.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Image via WENN

Beyonce spotted with Outremer Day

Here's the ever beautiful Beyonce spotted with hubby Jay-Z on January 21 dining at L'AVENUE restaurant in Paris, France.  What do we see here? She is carrying an Outremer Day bag!!  It surprises me because her outfit is so eccentric, and the day is such a casual bag. But who cares, she's Beyonce, she can get away with wearing almost anything.  Love those Loubies too.

Glad to see you with Bal, B!

Image via

Modeling Pictures of Blue India City, Violet GSH Day

I purchased a Canon Rebel camera and I decided to post a couple modeling pictures of my blue india city and violet gsh day.  I haven't been carrying them a lot since the weather has been dreary and damp.  I still have lots of love for them, and will start carrying them when the weather looks up.  I don't have much color in my collection, but these are pretty much the only nice shades I own.  For now here are the pictures! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hilary Duff with Black Covered Work!

Hilary Duff must have read about my last post about her not using her Bals just for the gym! Haha.  Here she is spotted today in Brentwood, CA leaving a medical building.  She is carrying what appears to be a covered Giant Work in black.  It looks amazing with her Jimmy Choo for Hunter rain boots which I would like to add to my shoe collection.  Gray and black looks good on her I must say!

Image via Just Jared

Chloe Sevigny with Covered Office Bag

Golden Globe Awards Winner Chloe Sevigny was spotted leaving LA carrying a black Covered Giant Hardware Office bag.  This style is a newer one introduced around 2009 and has not been seen a lot carried by celebs.  Kudos to Chloe for trying it out, and congrats to her for winning best actress!

Image via x17online.

Nicole Richie with Joel Madden eating lunch in Studio City

The lovely couple was seen on January 19th leaving Sushinozawa for a late afternoon lunch.  As much as I usually love Nicole's boho-chic style, this look is a big thumbs down for me.  She looks like a bag lady with her oversized leopard print coat and floppy hat.  The Ugg boots does not help her either! Though of course we still love her black city bag. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Expectant Claudia Schiffer carrying Sunday Patchwork Tote

Former super model beauty, Claudia Schiffer who is pregnant with her third child is seen here on January 19, 2010 carrying a Sunday Patchwork tote!  Though it hasn't been the greatest hit amongst Bal fans, it looks stunning on her.  It really adds complexity to her simple outfit.  This season the Sunday tote will come in all the spring colors.

Images via WENN.

Charlotte Gainsbourg with Courier Bag signing autographs

Anglo-French actress/songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg was seen signing autographs before her appearance on the David Letterman show.  She appears to be carrying either an Anthracite or Black Courier bag.  This bag makes a great night bag, very spacious and has a beautiful body conforming slouch when worn as a messenger.

Gainsbourg will also be the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance, and is set to shoot the ad in Feb 2010.  Read more about here.

Images via Zimbio.

Julianna Margulies spotted at LAX airport

Here's another Bal celeb spotting! On January 18, 2010, Julianna Margulies was spotted catching a flight at LAX airport.  What was her carry on bag? A Balenciaga Black City with Regular Hardware! Such a wise choice.  You can never go wrong with a black city since it has been named a timeless classic.

Images via Zimbio.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today's Email from HGbags, Balenciaga 2010 Spring Markdowns

HgBags has marked down a few of their spring Balenciaga bags!

Sahara First: Now $895
Cyclade Large Sunday Tote: Now $995

and many more!

Original Text: 

Hi All,
New markdowns just taken on Balenciaga Spring 2010 is an additional 10% off!!!  See link below for all sale items.  The pre-owned Praline Work that we are featuring has also been reduced!  Don't miss out - this is a rare rare opportunity to find Spring 2010 handbags from Bal and BV at such amazing prices!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mary Kate Olsen still has some love for Balenciaga!

Mary-Kate Olsen is seen here this week (January 14, 2010) still showing some love for Bal. She is spotted here going back to her Manhattan apartment wearing Bal's F/W 2006 Harness Booties.  These are the hottest boots ever made, and they still look amazing on her in 2010!  They have a slightly futuristic look with a beautiful ultra platform/heel.  Balenciaga should definitely make these every season.

Hope she'll decide to bring out one of her Bal bags soon.. pretty please MK? We know you have a fabulous collection of moto bags!

Image via Splash News. 

New Arrivals at Browns Fashion - Canvas City, Papeete & Sahara Sandals

So Browns Fashion has finally decided to update their site with brand new Balenciaga goodies! Some have really caught my eye.  Something's that I haven't seen so far are the Papeete and Sahara studded sandals.  It looks like they are going to produce them in every color!

Something else really interesting that hasn't been really seen before is this canvas city. They've made some changes compared to canvas bags from previous years, I've noticed that the leather trimming is perforated, and they have sewn a seam down the tassels, perhaps it won't split as easily?  The navy canvas doesn't impress me much as it reminds me of my boyfriend's mechanic uniform!

And because I love pink, we'll put a picture of Brown's newly arrived Sorbet first!  I'm still on a hunt for a beautiful first bag to my collection.

Check out the new arrivals here at Browns.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures of Papeete!

What do you think of the newest seafoam color?

I think Papeete is a gorgeous spring color for 2010, and I have to admit that this hue is one of my most favorite greens aside from 2007 Vert D'eau, and 2004 Pistachio.

I prefer Papeete with classic hardware, it's a great contrast against the aged brass. 

Images via VIP Station.

Stephanie Pratt with her Classic Red Work Again!

Seen here going to the Golden Globes gift lounge on January 14, 2010.  I'm still trying to figure out which exact red and what year this bag is from!  I wish she would get it cleaned up though, its so dirty!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Email from HGbags, Outremer, Cyclade, Papeete, Castagna! More Spring Bal 2010 arrivals!

Outremer Drum is about the same size as the First.

Original text:

Just in from the new Balenciaga Spring 2010 collection!  See our site for the latest adds - link below.  Our apologies if the color appears different on various pieces in the same color.  We do our best to always take pics in natural light and based on the amt of sunlight avail, photos will differ. 
- Papeete SGH Part Time
- Papeete SGH City
- Papeete Part Time 
- Cyclade City
- Castagna SGH Work
- Outremer Drum

Expectant Rebecca Gayheart with Pewter hardware City

Seven months pregnant Rebecca Gayheart is out grabbing breakfast on January 13, 2010 in Los Angeles.  She is carrying a Pewter Hardware City, which is Holy Grail material (HG) for true Balenciaga fans.  The pewter hardware has been discontinued in 2003, and has not been seen since except on the fabric bags in 2006.  She is also wearing it with Koolaburra boots, a celeb fave for shearling lined boots.

What's so good about pewter hardware? It looks very shiny and light that contrasts beautifully against the luscious (no longer in production) Chevre (goat) leather.  Today's Bal bags have aged brass hardware and are made with Agneau (lambskin) leather.  Some say the old leathers are the best  from  2003-2005.  Two things that are very sought after still after so many years.

I think she looks very cute and very comfy for a casual day out.  Love her pregnancy style.  Congrats to her and Eric Dane.