Saturday, January 23, 2010

Celebrity Spotting (Sorta): Jon Gosselin's newest Galpal has multiple Balenciagas

Hollywood's notorious father of eight, Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend.  *gag*  Morgan Christie has a what looks like either 04 pistachio city or 09 granny city that is nicely broken in.  Almost a week ago, she was also seen carrying a very pretty white GGH City. In this picture, the duo has been spotted in Utah on January 22, Friday probably hitting up the slopes, since Jon is a snowboarding junkie.

Don't get me wrong, I use to adore Jon as the doting, wonderful dad during the show (Jon & Kate +8) during the early seasons, but now his true colors have shown.  Jon, you might have poor taste in girls, but at least she can pick out a nice hand bag when she sees one! HA.

I'm not Team Jon nor Team Kate.. I am team Gosselin kids!!!!!

Image via & Just Jared.