Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whitney Port's Sister Carries Suede Giant City

So, there must be something in Hollywood's drinking water! We have been seeing a lot of Celebrity's galpals carrying Balenciaga lately.  This time it is Whitney Port's sister is carrying a white Giant City with a navy suede body.  What's interesting about these bags it that they have Gunmetal hardware, which was also used on Neiman Marcus's Limited Edition Turquoise City in 2007 (a stunning combination).  This bag was released in early 2008 season, and I do recall hearing about these going on sale at Nordstrom a while ago. I am a fan of the Toile and Damask Canvas bags from 2006, but one negative thing about it is that the suede will eventually fuzz from wear as opposed to leather. 

Port & sister is seen here shopping at Westfield Mall in Century City on Saturday.

Image via x17online