Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Arrivals at Browns Fashion - Canvas City, Papeete & Sahara Sandals

So Browns Fashion has finally decided to update their site with brand new Balenciaga goodies! Some have really caught my eye.  Something's that I haven't seen so far are the Papeete and Sahara studded sandals.  It looks like they are going to produce them in every color!

Something else really interesting that hasn't been really seen before is this canvas city. They've made some changes compared to canvas bags from previous years, I've noticed that the leather trimming is perforated, and they have sewn a seam down the tassels, perhaps it won't split as easily?  The navy canvas doesn't impress me much as it reminds me of my boyfriend's mechanic uniform!

And because I love pink, we'll put a picture of Brown's newly arrived Sorbet first!  I'm still on a hunt for a beautiful first bag to my collection.

Check out the new arrivals here at Browns.