Friday, January 8, 2010

Today's Email from Aloha Rag: Balenciaga 2010 Spring New Arrivals, First, Cities, Giant Cities, Money Wallet

Just got this email from Aloha Rag, they finally got in some of the new colors! I was able to photoshop all the pics together for easier viewing.  If you are interested email them at

First $1195 (Left to Right):
Anthracite, Castagna
Cyclade, Papeete
Sahara, Sang
Classic City $1395

From Left to Right:
Black, Anthracite
Castagna, Cyclade
Papeete, Sahara
Sang, Sorbet

Giant City: Black $1695
Giant Covered City:  Sang $1795
Giant Work Left to Right $1825:
Black, Anthracite
Cyclade, Outremer

Giant Money Wallet: $545
Black, Cyclade, Sahara