Saturday, January 2, 2010

Today's Email from HGBags: More Balenciaga Spring 2010 Arrivals

I'm really loving the papeete first! A gorgeous seafoam shade.

Original Text:

Hi All,
More of the Balenciaga S/S 10 collection has arrived to HGBags...there are still plenty more to come for those still waiting on pre-orders. Check out these beautiful new colors/styles including the new Velo - we were also lucky enough to add the Ciel SGH City from 09 brand new! Be sure to use code "BLUE" at checkout for free shipping - UPS Ground domestic and USPS Priority Mail international.
Also, RH Pom Pons are back on sale, reduced to $995 from $1225!!!
Shipping info and our return policy can be found on our site. We welcome international buyers and will do our best to try and make your buying experience the easiest as possible!
Balenciaga S/S 10 NEW ARRIVALS
Just added - Brand new Bals!
- First - Papeete, Black, Cyclade, Sahara, 2010 HOliday
- City - Sahara
- M Sunday Tote - Anthra
- Twiggy - Sang
- Part Time - Black
- Velo - Sahara
- SGH City - 09 Ciel