Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mezhgan Hussainy with a Balenciaga Lune Bag

Simon Cowell's fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy is spotted here carrying a beige Balenciaga Lune Bag.  These bags come from the non-Motorycle line, and come in several colors and sizes.  We don't see many celebrities carrying this line, and Balenciaga did have a sale on this line a while back.

Image via x17online

Lo Bosworth and LC shopping at Whole Foods

Lo Bosworth and Lauren "LC" Conrad are seen here shopping together at Wholefoods Market in LA on February 26, 2010.  Both are dressed in sweats and Lo carries her Balenciaga Classic City in 2010 Sahara.   The city can still look good with lounge wear, and can make a great casual bag too. It looks like LC is carrying a black Chanel Flap.

Side note: I love shopping at Wholefoods.  I've been kind of paranoid with processed foods & foods that aren't organic since I had my son.  I try to give him as much organic/hormone-free foods as possible! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Barneys gets in Balenciaga Sorbet & Sahara Ballerina Flats

One of the Barneys stores got in sorbet Balenciaga flats.  They have a very cute traditional look with stitching along the opening of the shoe.  Contact Ramiro if interested at 469-221-4814 (if you want his email please leave a comment or email me).  Retail is $495.

I definitely want something in sorbet whether its a bracelet or a pair of flats!
I also found a picture of these flats in Sahara too, they are called "Whipstitch Ballet Flat".

Check out the Sahara ones here

Friday, February 26, 2010

HgBags Email: More Balenciaga Spring 2010 Arrivals

Balenciaga - S/S 10 new arrivals
- SGH City - Sahara
- Pencil - Black
- Part Time - Olive, Sang
- Men's Day - Black , Charbon
- Men's Square Tote - Black, Charbon, Anthra

- Extra Courier - Black, Charbon
- City - Sahara, Pommier, Charbon
Check it out here

Nicole Richie arrives in London to promote her line

Nicole Richie arrives at London on February 25 to continue promoting her new apparel line, Winter Kate (named after daughter Harlow).  She wears a very cute printed mini dress with bold, white sunglasses.  It looks like she's carrying her black Balenciaga city (a little hard to see).  Seems like her to go bag for this entire business trip!

Images via & Zimbio

Balenciaga Sale at Beyond the

The sale started a couple of hours ago, but there are still some available that are temporarily in others' carts.  So if you keep stalking and refreshing you might get lucky and be able to add one into your cart!  They even have some styles in GGH, which comes as a complete surprise! The sale will end March 1.

If you need an invite for membership click HERE.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Elenoire Casalegno at Worldwide Generation Milan Fashion Week

Italian actress Elenoire Casalegno posing here with her Balenciaga Outremer Work Bag on February 25, 2010.  Outremer adds a very pretty pop of color against her black blazer and legging look. 

Images via Zimbio.

Kourtney Kardashian and Mason Out in LA

Kourtney Kardashian and son Mason are seen out and about in LA today (Feb 25).  Her friend is helping her carry her black Balenciaga Square Tote, and as you can see it looks very proportional on taller ladies.  Not to be a negative Nelly, but in the second picture, Kourtney looks like she has a unibrow because of the extra nose bridge connector on her sunglasses. lol!

Image via

Aloha Rag: Balenciaga New Arrivals including Moutard & Canard

Aloha Rag has gotten in more Balenciaga new arrivals today.

FIRST $1195

CITY $1395


VELO $1395



MONEY $495


None of these new colors suit me since I'm not much of a yellow person.  I like to eat Mustard, but not wear it, haha.  Canard it too dark for me, almost black. 

Email them at if you're interested in any of these particular styles.

HGBags Email: Pre-Owned Balenciaga Holy Grail Bags

HgBags just got in some pre-owned goodies:

Balenciaga Pre-owned
- Ink Men's Weekender 06 Chevre - MINT
- Sanguine Courier 09 - MINT
- Plomb Brief 07 Chevre - Mint
- Anthra Flat Messenger 07 Chevre - MINT
- Charbon Besace 08 - MINT
- 03/04 Yellow Pewter City Chevre - Very Good
- 04 Anis City Chevre - Good
- One of the original season's Caramel Belted Hobo - Very Good
- 06 Camel Shopping Chevre - Excellent

If I weren't broke, I would get the 07 Anthracite Flat Messenger!!  

Check it out HERE

Nicole Richie Promoting "Winter Kate" in Paris

Nicole Richie was seen arriving at the French department store, Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris.  She wears a beautiful flow-y blue maxi dress, cropped leather jacket, and black scarf.  She carries her usual bag Balenciaga black City, perhaps for good luck in promoting her new apparel line Winter Kate? I'm excited to see what pieces she dreams up! I've always adored her style.

Image via x17online.

Miroslava Duma at New York Fashion Week

Editor of Russian Harper Bazaar, Miroslava Duma was spotted at New York Fashion Week on February 23, 2010.  In the pictures, she is wearing a knit beanie, leather OTK boots and over sized bright pink sweater.  Her bag of choice? A nicely broken in gray Balenciaga City bag with matching Planet/Boobie/Pod.  She pulls off this outfit very nicely, instead of looking frumpy, she looks fabulous!

Her city is absolutely beautiful!  Since she attaches a planet to her bag, I think her bag is 2005 gray!

More Balenciaga Pictures all in the same place! Jackpot! 

Another city:

Giant Silver Hardware RTT? or Brief maybe? Hard to tell here..
Images via Style and the, Kamel Lahmadi.

Juicy Couture Chocolate Bunny & Laptop Charm on Ivory Twiggy

I haven't purchased Juicy Couture Charms in a very long time, but I couldn't help myself when I saw these two.  I try to cut back since they are not cheap, runs from about $40-60 each!  I love to hang charms off my Balenciaga bags, so here to model the charms is my 07 Ivory Twiggy.  I know I put it up for sale a while ago, but I took down the listing because I fell in love with it all over again.  Ivory is an amazing neutral that really works with my wardrobe. 

Pink Laptop Charm (pink and white are pretty together!):
Close up of laptop charm:
Chocolate Bunny Charm:
Close up of bunny:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteen Dakota Fanning!

Dakota Fanning celebrates her 16th birthday today!  She has definitely grown up before our eyes.  The young actress was spotted in Los Angeles with a cute tiara on her head, and torn leggings (seems like the trend at the moment).  She is also carrying her well-worn Balenciaga Giant City Bag with Gold Hardware which gives her look a very rocker chic edge. 

Images via Just Jared.

Hilary Duff showing off her ring in Hollywood last night

Hilary Duff and fiance were spotted heading out of Katsuya last night in Hollywood. (Feb 22, 2010).  The two were all smiles as they were exiting the restaurant.  Hilary had her beautiful Balenciaga red envelope clutch with Silver Hardware as choice of evening bag!  I'm not 100% sure what the color is since the color is different in both pictures,  but maybe 2008 Ruby?  The second picture it looks like 08 Coral.. Can anyone chime in?

Image via x17online.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden out in NYC

Recently engaged Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were out strolling in Soho, NY today (Feb 22).  The two were spotted enjoying lunch together.  


Dressed in almost entirely black outfit, Nicole looks braces the chilly New York weather by wearing a fabulous black peacoat.  To match the ensemble, her signature Balenciaga black city is by her side. 

Kourtney Kardashian and Mason go to a Birthday Party

Kourtney Kardashian and two month old son Mason attend a birthday party in the Jackson family compound.  Her choice of baby bag/purse? Her Balenciaga Black Square Tote!  Instead of carrying a traditional diaper bag, she opts for this sleek over-sized bag that can be carried multiple ways.  This bag matches beautifully with her outfit.

Image via x17online.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Real Deal Collection - Haiti Update - Sale

Dear valued customers and friends,

Just over 30 days ago, we pledged to donate $50 for every handbag sold and $25 for every accessory to accredited organizations providing relief to earthquake victims in Haiti.  Your response has been overwhelming!  We are especially grateful to those consignors who offered to match RDC's donation if their consigned handbag sold during the donation period.  We are proud and thankful to have donated $3,625 so far to relief for Haiti through the following organizations:

American Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Partners In Health
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Although our 30 day pledge has technically expired, we are renewing and extending our committment until the end of this month.  Now you have an extra week for your purchase from RDC to have an impact in the lives of those in Haiti who have had to endure so much.  Thank you for your generosity and support!

We have also recently updated our sale category with many fresh Balenciaga items now on sale for the first time and even deeper discounts on some items previously marked down.  All sale prices shown here will expire at the end of this month.

Click here to view our sale items

As always, we welcome your trade-in of Balenciaga Items in excellent or better condition for immediate credit towards the purchase of anything in our store.  We also have a flexible layaway  policy that can allow you up to 60 days to pay for your order.

Click here to learn more about layaway and trade-in

All the best,

Real Deal Collection

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen landing at London Aiport

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted landing down at Heathrow airport in London on February 20, 2010.  Mary-Kates choice of carry-on? Her Ponyhair weekender again! She is also pairing her bag with her very hot Balenciaga Harness booties.  Sister Ashley uses an oversized Hermes bag!

Images via

Mollie King Wears Galet GGH Work at London Fashion Week


English singer Mollie King of The Saturdays wears her Balenciaga Galet Work Bag with Giant Gold Hardware.  She is seen here on February 20, 2010 attending London's Fashion Week.  Standing at 5"4" the Giant Work bag does not look humongous on her.

Galet is truly a beautiful color that was very popular amongst Balenciaga fans during the 2009 season.  It is a lovely elephant gray color that is a great neutral color that is slightly reminiscent of 2006 Greige.  

Image via WENN.

Friday, February 19, 2010

HgBags Email: New Pre-owned Balenciaga & More Spring Arrivals

Balenciaga - S/S 10 new arrivals
- SGH City - Black, Anthracite
- Pencil - Cyclade, Sorbet
- Part Time - Sang, Black
- Twiggy - Cyclade
- SGH Flat Clutch - Black
- SGH Work - Sorbet
- Money Wallet - Sang (Anthra, Cyclade and Sorbet also avail upon request)
 Click HERE
Balenciaga Pre-owned
- Amethyst CRH Day - MINT
- Raisin Weekender - New
- Sang City - Mint 
Click HERE for preowned section

Hilary Duff engaged to Mike Comrie!

Today, reps confirmed that the two got engaged over the weekend in Hawaii! Congrats to the happy couple! Everyone is getting engaged all of sudden.

Here are some pictures of her carrying Balenciaga:
Carrying a Red Envelope Clutch
With a City bag:

Images via JustJared, and

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aloha Rag: More New Balenciaga 2010 Arrivals!

They finally got Canard and Moutarde in! Canard looks almost black with a hint of navy blue in this picture, and Moutard looks like a baby yellow, but I've seen other pictures and it definitely looks like a mustard yellow.  This time I took the liberty to add the prices in the photos.  If you're interested in any of these, email them at

I'm looking forward to seeing the GSH First which they have on their list for upcoming arrivals.


Dakota Fanning going to Yoga with her Balenciaga GGH City

Dakota Fanning has been spotted twice in one day! This morning, she was seen in her sweats heading to the gym for yoga.  The second picture is of her shopping with her mother in LA on Valentine's Day.  I loved her in World of Wars, and Uptown Girls and I'm looking forward to her next projects.

Her bag is definitely nicely worn in since there is color fading all over, and a very darkened handle.  This is something I'd like to avoid with my Bals! As much as I love the vintage look, I love the "new bag" look more.  I'm very careful with my bags, and always baby them as much as I can!


Images via Fadedyouth, and Popsugar

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nicole Richie Attends New York Fashion Week

The lovely Nicole Richie was spotted in snowy NYC attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week today February 16.  She wears her Balenciaga Classic Black City, lovely floral dress, and red coat. I adore her hair, the braiding is so cute and chic. 

Image via