Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Balenciaga Sahara GGH "Hip" Bag

I stumbled upon this cutie while browsing for the latest pictures of bags, and found this! Since I can't interpret Japanese,  I'm going to say this is a Sahara Giant Hip in *gasp* GOLD hardware!! I am surprised because there are rumors swirling around that they are permanently replacing Giant Gold hardware with Rose Gold hardware.  People have also been speculating that they are switching because rose gold is cheaper to make than the yellow gold.  They are also saying that Giant Gold Hardware will only come in black.  I'm disappointed because I only own one piece of GGH (my black day), and really wished to own more one day, but don't feel like scrambling to collect them all.  This is really cute though, I'm really liking the long strap.


Hopefully they'll release more items in Gold.
Image via Rakuten.