Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ashley Olsen carrying Pony Hair Weekender to GMA

Ashley Olsen and twin sis Mary-Kate were seen today arriving to their appearance on Good Morning America to promote their new line Olsenboye (to be sold at JcPenney).  Ashley is seen here carrying a brown Pony hair weekender.  I'm not sure of the year it came from, but my guess is 2006 because the hardware is silver.  Her bag looks very furry, and cuddly, something you don't see very often with Balenciaga motorcycle bags.  I say Ashley's bag is very unique since they haven't produced anymore styles with pony hair.

What do you think of animal hair bags?

I would have to pass on it, because all I'd think about is poor pony.... but that's just me.

Image via x17online