Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss Blue India City and Framboise Mini Coin

Yesterday, I decided to take out my Blue India City and Mini Framboise Coin Purse out to do some errands.  Decided to snap a picture while waiting in the car for BF to get out of the bank.  Even though I bought this in mint condition off ebay, it is finally starting to break in into a wonderful slouch.  I love pink and blues together! 

I honestly didn't know what to do with my mini coin purse for a while since I usually carry a full size wallet.  But now I have classes & I don't want to carry too much during those days.  The mini CP is perfect for school.  I carry some cash, coins, debit card, ID and coins, and it zips into my jacket pocket perfectly.  I don't need a bulky wallet for school.