Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Balenciaga Sahara Day with Giant Rose Gold Hardware

Matches Fashion got in their first piece of Giant Rose Gold Hardware!  It is the 2010 Sahara Giant Day.  The Rose Gold Hardware is definitely different from what I was expecting.  The Balenciaga Sales Associate says it is suppose to look more like the aged brass hardware than gold giant hardware and thus the hardware is much darker.  It definitely looks like a Gunmetal color with hints of pink color.  What I found was odd was that they were not able to match the zipper's color to the hardware, because the thimbles and buckles have this "aged" look to it, but the zipper looks rose gold.  It is still a gorgeous combination, they should think about putting out another Gunmetal hardware like when they released the 2007 Neiman Marcus LE city.

Check it out here at Matches Fashion.