Friday, March 19, 2010

HGBags: Outremer City and Black Velo plus Pre-owned Chevre

Brand new Balenciaga just added from the Fall 09 and Spring 2010 collections - many of you have been asking for the Outremer City and Black Velo and we have been responding that we are sold out.  Please realize these were unclaimed pre-orders.  Thank you.
Brand New Balenciaga - 09/2010
- Outremer City
- Black Velo
- Sorbet Ticket
- Tempete Mini Money
- Sahara Compagnon Wallet
- Noix Pencil 
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Check out these new adds to our pre-owned section of Balenciaga  - So many Balenciaga Holy Grails - do not miss them!!  Plus further markdowns.
Balenciaga Pre-owned
- 06 Chevre Ink First - Excellent
- 05 Chevre Black Work - Excellent
- 06 Brown Chevre Men's Weekender - NOW REDUCED TO $1195
- 08 Marine First with Covered Reg HW - Mint
- 08 Argent Giant Pom - NOW REDUCED to $995

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