Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miranda Kerr with Balenciaga Croc Bag

Supermodel Miranda Kerr was spotted attending fashion shows in Paris today, March 3, 2010 with a stunning Balenciaga Croc Bag.  It's hard to make out the model since the bag is facing the other way, but it appears to be a Part-Time because of its East West shape, and the shoulder strap attachments (though the shoulder strap was removed).  It has gorgeous Giant Silver Hardware with beautiful ocean blue crocodile leather.


Celebrities Salma Hayek and Heidi Montag were seen with Balenciaga Croc bags too! These are definitely Holy Grail bags because they run from about $5k-10k a pop. Absolutely drool worthy...

This season's crocodile bag with smaller hardware:

Images via Zimbio &