Friday, April 30, 2010

Mollie King and Balenciaga Galet GGH Work

These pictures are from last month, but I'll post them here anyway.  Mollie King of the Saturdays attends the Nobel Gift Gala in London on March 13, 2010.  She carries her well-loved Balenciaga Galet GGH Work, whose poor handles have darkened so quickly after only a few months of wear.  Too bad celebs don't know of LMB Lovin' My Handles!  It's truly a miracle product because it prevents handles on new bags from darkening.

Unfortunately the Galet GGH combination was so popular that it sold out almost immediately from Bal boutiques.  Congrats to those who were able to snag one. :)

To shop Mollie's casual look: Click here for similar top, here for similar leggings, and here for similar shoes.
Close up of Galet:

Images via Zimbio.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Expectant Claudia Schiffer picking up the kids

Former supermodel Claudia Schiffer was spotted picking up her children from school yesterday on April 28, 2010.  Claudia is wearing a leopard print tunic with leggings and ankle booties.  The gorgeous blonde is expecting her 3rd child next month.  Claudia is carrying the Balenciaga Patchwork Sunday Tote, which appears to be the large size, but doesn't look overwhelming on her at all.  Though this bag is not my cup of tea, Claudia pulls it off very nicely.  She looks fabulous especially since she's eight months pregnant!

Images via Knocked Up Celebs.

Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt filming The Hills

Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt were spotted in Los Angeles, CA on April 28, 2010 shooting scenes for the final season of the Hills.  The lovely ladies are seen here sipping ice coffee and talking amongst themselves (and film crew) while roaming around Melrose Place.  Lo Bosworth wears gorgeous sky high CL heels with her very pretty 2010 Balenciaga 2010 Sahara City bag. I wonder if Balenciaga has to pay commission to see their bags on the show?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Neiman Marcus 10th Anniversary Balenciaga Bags

Neiman Marcus will be selling beautiful 10th Anniversary Balenciaga bags.  These appear to be metallic bags that will come in the City and First in colors Bois de Rose, Noir (black), and Bronze.  They are on pre-order and expect to ship in July.  The inside has a special metal tag that says the 10th Anniversary, and also has some gorgeous leopard print.  The bags are made of metallic calfskin finish, and I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

The Bois de Rose and Black Firsts are calling my name!

Click here to check it out.

70 plus new Balenciaga items available on HgBags!

For those of you who missed out on the pre-order list from March, HgBags has updated her site with 74 different Balenciaga styles!

My top 4 picks would be:
  1. Maldives Mini Mini Coin Purse (A beautiful aqua blue, and too cute to resist)
  2. Origan First Bag from 2006 (An interesting green hue, and the chevre leather looks gorgeous)
  3. Raisin Giant Covered Club (I think this style looks best with giant hardware, and I'm a purple lover!)
  4. Ivory Silver Giant Work (Slightly safer than white, and beautiful wrinkly Chevre leather from 2007)
Check out the new arrivals here!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Real Deal Collection - A bouquet of Balenciaga

Just got in this cute email from RDC where they featured a gorgeous 2009 Framboise GGH City.  They have added new items, so check it out!

Many new items have just been added to the "What's New and Available" category at Real Deal Collection!

There is something for everyone, with hot bags from recent seasons as well as several, vintage oldies.  We are celebrating a decade of love for the Balenciaga Motorcycle Line, with bags available now from 2001 through 2010!

Take up to 60 days to pay with our affordable layaway plan.

Trade in your seldom carried Balenciagas in excellent or better condition with our budget saving, Trade-In policy.

Thank you for sharing your love of Balenciaga and for shopping with us at RDC!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Perforated Leather Balenciaga Bags

In addition to introducing Rose Gold Hardware & straw canvas bags this season, Balenciaga is also introducing a new type of leather... with tiny perforations all over.  It is reminiscent of Louis Vuitton Perfo line that was released a few years ago.  I have not seen these in real life, but they certainly look interesting.  The entire bag is not perforated, only the main body, so the trim and handles are still agneau (lambskin) leather.  I must say the Papeete Twiggy looks very pretty with the perforations.  I wonder if these will last longer than opposed to traditional leather?

Cult Status's (boutique in Australia) blog has some amazing detailed photographs of some Perfo bags, so I'm just going to post a couple on here.  

Check out their blog here.

HGBags: New Arrivals from 2008-2009 Collection

We have started to add the new arrivals from the 08/09 Balenciaga Stocklist!  All brand new!  There are also some 06 and 07 Chevre pieces!  We will continue to add new items each day.    Below is the list of new adds for today!  All pieces from 06 and 07 have extra tassels included.

First - Origan (06 Chevre), Sapin (06 Chevre)
SGH City - Rouge Vermillion 08, Electric Turquoise 08
SGH Work - Rouge Vermillion 08
Part Time - Blue Layette 08
SGH Part Time - Sanguine 09
SGH Flat Clutch - Elec Blue 08
Work - Pourpre 09, Sanguine 09
Twiggy - Pourpre 09
CGH City - Raisin 09, Pourpre 09

Click here to check it out on their website. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nicole Richie keeps it pretty in a Winter Kate Dress

Nicole Richie supports her new clothing line Winter Kate (named after daughter Harlow) by wearing one of her own pieces.  Nicole was spotted attending traffic school in Van Nuys, CA on April 21, 2010.  She is wearing the Grace Tunic which can be worn as both a top or a dress!  It looks pretty underneath her denim jacket and it creates the illusion of a flowy floral skirt.  Of course Nicole accessorizes this boho chic ensemble with her classic black Balenciaga City bag.  

The Grace Tunic will be available in select stores nationwide for $229.  Still slightly pricey for me, so perhaps I'll get it if it goes on sale.

Images via

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Sale: New With Tags 2006 Balenciaga Damask City- SOLD

Item is SOLD

I am putting this baby up for sale! 2006 Balenciaga Damask Striped Canvas City. Asking price is $1350 firm, and international shoppers please add $30 to that price for shipping. I will be updating the Buy Bbags blog shortly.

This bag is in new condition, comes with all tags, original dust bag, extra tassels. I will be uploading more detailed shots soon.

If you're interested please email me at or leave a comment. Thanks

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beyonce at LAX with 10th Anniversary Balenciaga Leopard City

Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z were spotted yesterday April 19, 2010 at LAX airport in Los Angeles.  What's on her shoulder? It appears to be the 10th Anniversary Leopard Print City bag!

Balenciaga is celebrating the City bag's 10th birthday with this very interesting leopard print pony hair bag with blue leather trim.  It has gold classic hardware with a special metal plate.  A loud way of honoring one of the most iconic bags of all time!

To shop Beyonce's look:
Click here for similar cargo crop pants by Siwy on sale! 
Click here for similar olive green tank.
Click here for similar necklace by Juicy Couture.
Click here for similar zipper peep toe shoes by Madden Girl.

Pictures via Just Jared and Ebay

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nicky Hilton with Balenciaga Apple Green City at Coachella

Nicky Hilton and sister Paris were spotted at this year's annual Coachella music festival.  Nicky who owns many, many Balenciagas has decided to finally carry one out! Her choice? A beautiful 2005 Apple Green City with Classic Hardware.  It's definitely well worn since the handles are starting to darken, but still an amazing color nonetheless!  The bright green definitely adds a fun pop to her rainbow jumper.  It doesn't surprise me that Paris had to do an outfit change during the low key event-she's always the center of attention!

Images via x17online, and Celebutopia.

More RGGH: Canard, Light Olive, and Moutarde Giant Cities

Here are some wonderful pictures of Giant Rose Gold Hardware I found on some Japanese websites, I think this from the Diabro store of the Rakuten site.  The colors below are Canard (blue), Light Olive (green), and Moutarde (yellow).  I love how Moutarde yellow looks with Rose Gold Hardware.  In these pictures Moutarde looks like a very soft baby pastel yellow, which I like.  I've always been a sucker for pastel colors.  I really want to get something in RGGH soon!

Click here to see Diabro's Rakuten store.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gorgeous Pictures of Balenciaga Rose Gold Giant City

Matches Fashion has gotten in a Balenciaga Black Rose Gold Giant Hardware City.. (whew that was a mouthful).  I'm starting to like this hardware more and more, very reminiscent of the very limited Gun Metal hardware.  I would definitely love to own a day with this hardware combination!  This will probably be the next classic "IT" bag for someone who does not want something as blingy as gold hardware, but a little more "oomph" than the classic hardware.

Buy from Matches here for 1065 Euros.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian at The Standard Hotel

Always dressed to impress, Kourtney Kardashian is spotted at The Standard Hotel on April 9, 2010 in Miami, Fl.  She looks lovely in a nude one shouldered dress, matching beret and YSL Tribute sandals.  She carries her well-loved Balenciaga Giant City with Gold Hardware.  It looks like the black leather  on her bag is starting to fade a bit, an unfortunate characteristic of Balenciaga leather.

To shop Kourtney's look, click here for a similar dress, here for a similar beret, here for similar shoes, and here similar bag.

Images via

Friday, April 9, 2010

Eclipse Actress Julia Jones with Balenciaga Day

Julia Jones who will be playing Leah Clearwater in the upcoming movie Twilight Saga: Eclipse was spotted going barefoot on April 8, 2010 at the Toms event.

Her choice of bag? A beautiful brown Balenciaga Day bag with Classic Hardware.  I love earth toned bags, it gives her outfit a boho-chic vibe.  I suddenly feel the need to invest in a brown bag!

Here is a better shot of the bag from the Sundance event in 2008.  I want to identify this color as 2007 Mogano Brown. 

Images via and

HgBags: Gorgeous Sorbet, Outremer GCH Day and Rose Gold Canard First

I was never a huge fan of Covered Giant Hardware bags, but I do love this one.  HGbags has gotten 3 colors for this style at $1095 a pop which I consider is reasonably priced since the retail is $1445.  Currently, she also has Sang and Outremer on her site, but the Sorbet has to be my favorite one.  

I'm also starting to become fond of the color Canard.  I love this first with Giant Rose Gold Hardware, the leather looks so wrinkly and beautiful.  Definitely check it out.  I wanted to get the Giant Hip in Canard off the Balenciaga website, but it seems to have sold out in a day. What the heck! I'm hoping it would come in rose gold hardware too. 

Check out HGbags new arrivals here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nicole Richie out with a different Balenciaga City

Nicole Richie is finally carrying a different Balenciaga!  Today, on April 7, 2010 she was spotted attending traffic school in Van Nuys, California.  She is carrying a burgundy colored City - I want to identify this one as 2005 Bordeaux since she carries a lot of oldies.  I love how she uses it to block the sun (or paparazzi),  shows the many uses of a Bal lol.

Images via

Bad News: Price Increase Effective Next Month!

Starting May 1, 2010, a price increase will be effective on selected popular Balenciaga styles.  To be honest, I do not think it should happen because didn't they just have one a little while ago?  I would only agree to this is if they switch back to Chevre leather, and they haven't.

Aloha Rag was kind enough to give us all a heads up on this announcement.

PRICE INCREASE: This increase includes all bags from the current season as well as previous seasons. Please find below a list of the new prices for our popular styles and contact us if a style you are interested in is not listed below.

FIRST $1245
CITY $1445
TOWN $1345
WORK $1645
DAY $1145
TWIGGY $1245

 The new price increase ranges anywhere from $50 for regular hardware to $100 - 150 for giant hardware.  

Oh btw, they just got in a Sorbet Giant Hip, price $745.  Email them at if interested or if you have any questions on the price increase. 

Can you believe that in 2006 the first retailed $995? Well over the course of four years the SAME bag has gone up $245!