Saturday, May 15, 2010

Balenciaga Fall 2010 Swatches and Samples

Hope this is okay to post on here, but I wanted to share these beautiful colors with everyone. The upcoming colors are gorgeous. My faves would have to be Blue Roi, Pivoine, Murier, and Vert D'eau. I would love to get coin purses in Vert D'eau and Pivoine.. such pretty pastel-y hues!

Pivoine (Reminds me of pink piggy bank color, also reminiscent of 09 Framboise but maybe not as much orange undertone):
Bois De Rose (Similar to 06 Pale Pink but maybe slightly deeper):
Blue Roi (Love the distressing and glazing on this one! Close to 09 Officer?):
Murier Trapeze (like a slightly faded 06 Violet but done on purpose of course):
Cypres Twiggy:
Vert D'eau Trapeze: An interesting story about this color, I emailed Balenciaga Headquarters to complain about stocks from previous seasons being removed from the US stores, and how I wanted to buy their 07 Vert D'eau GGH Day but was too late. They replied to me saying that in 2010 there would be a Vert D'eau! Silly me thought they were mistaken and mixing it up with Papeete..!
Nacre RGGH City (reminds of 07 Natural):
A Perforated Seigle City with some interested looking gold classic hardware, reminds me of 07 Sandstone:
Images via TPF from slliiz's post and also Showroom 101 Yahoo.

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