Sunday, May 9, 2010

Balenciaga Giant Hip with Rose Gold Hardware

I have seriously been dying for a crossbody bag but have yet to find one.  Now I find out that they've made the Giant Hip in Rose Gold Hardware!  This is very exciting news, because I've been wanting to try out the new rose gold, but won't fully commit to a big bag like the Day or something else.  This is the perfect size for short trips especially for errands with my toddler.  It looks stunning with black leather, and gives it such a warm vintage look as opposed to just plain brass hardware.  

The only downside is that it comes out after the price increase making it $765.  I think Balenciaga is really pushing it with the price increase.  This bag is very small for its huge price.  I'm going to have to email around and see if any of my local boutiques have it yet since overseas Bal boutiques are very bad with responding to email.  Not sure if I should buy it now or wait for Murier or Pivoine to come out first.. we'll see.. decisions, decisions.

Matches Fashion currently has it in now for 495 Euros.