Friday, May 28, 2010

Cult Status gets in Pre-Fall 2010 Balenciaga bags

Cult Status in Australia has just gotten in their first shipment of Balenciaga 2010 pre-fall goodies.  Seigle is definitely more brown than 07 Sandstone.  Bois de Rose looks much prettier than 06 Pale Rose with amazing distressing and glossiness.  Murier does not do much for me, it looks like a matte faded purple, something that I would eventually achieve with my Violet day (prone to fading).  Nacre with RGGH is stunning, such an amazing combo, I'm crossing my fingers it will come in the Giant Hip style.  I adore the Mini Pom and hope it isn't as heavy as the regular sized Pom. Pivoine is very pretty, but its hard to tell from these pics what previous season color it resembles, but I still want to say 04 Rose.  Vert D'eau looks gorgeous from these pics too, very light, minty, pastel green.  I must say these pics = big trouble for my wallet!

Images via Cult Status blog