Monday, May 17, 2010

Products I use on my Balenciagas

As per requested from JJ, this is a post dedicated to the products I like to use on my Balenciaga bags.

In the beginning when I first started buying Bals back in 2006, I used Apple Care products which I no longer recommend.  The Apple Leather Cleaner is too harsh for Bal leather because it strips off the bag's glazing and even takes some of the color off too! So I've stopped using those when I found out about that.  The conditioner is okay in my opinion it moisturizes the leather temporarily, but it doesn't stay like that in the long run.  Not to shun their products, but it just doesn't seem like its for Bal. 
So the products I like to use now are from the LovinMyBags website.  They do professional handbag cleanings and sell an entire line of products made especially for delicate leathers like Balenciaga.  I've since invested in 4 of their products which seem moderately priced, but it only takes a little of product per bag for the application.  I'll describe what I use each product for in the list below:

  1. Shine Restore - I learned this from a dear PFer that the Shine Restore is great for dabbing up corners and buckles that have been scuffed.  I apply a very tiny amount and rub it in until its dry.  This is also great for restoring some of the rubbing on back panel of the bag.  The "rubbing" takes away the glaze and makes the leather rough to the touch as though a layer has been removed.  For the Shine Restore product, it is not recommended to use huge amounts, just enough to cover it up.  If used too sparingly, it will create a dingy look, hard to explain, but its the opposite of the shine we're looking for!
  2. Luxury Cleanser Plus - I use this to clean away dirt marks on the corner prior to putting on the Shine Restore, removal of small pen marks, and brass rub.  It is very gentle on Bal leather, and you might see a little bit of color on the cloth, but its fine.  Since it is a gentler product, it make take a few applications before the entire stain is removed.  Weird stains like the line on my Bubblegum first would not come off for the life of it, making me think its a leather defect.
  3. For Handles Only - This is the best product ever created for Balenciaga leather!  It prevents the oils and dirt from our hands from transferring onto the handles! I apply this to every bag I own because I loathe darkened handles on bags.  For applying this product, you should avoid getting the product on the lacing.  Use this product very sparingly because if you use too much it will darken your handle permanently!
  4. Pro Treatment - This is a good conditioner for Bal leather, it also says it prevents water, oil, and denim dye transfer.  The scent is pretty strong like a flowery shampoo smell, so take that into consideration.  I think they are replacing this product with Miracle Shield that probably does the same as this one.
Most of these products require a microfiber cloth which is included with the product and a hair dryer to dry the product.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.  :)