Saturday, July 31, 2010

Barneys Limited Edition Iridescent Raisin First and lavender flats

Okay, so the previous article about Barneys getting in limited edition bags was not old news, in fact it is new news!  Turns out that Barneys has gotten in their own exclusive "Iridescent" First in Raisin color!  From the pictures, it looks like a matte, smooth leather like from the Papier line.  It also has beautiful nickel toned regular hardware, which I think is stunning.  Inside appears to have the brown/blue animal print and an exclusive metal tag that has Barneys name on it.  I guess it is well deserved since Barneys has been backing up/selling Balenciaga since the dawn of the Motorcycle line.  Currently retailing at $1245

I'm not sure about this one.. I think I would have to see this one in real life to judge fairly.  It is definitely something different in regards of the leather texture.

I continued to browse the website and came across these amazing flats.... in LAVENDER.  I have just died and gone to shoe heaven.  I am in love with pastel colored things!  I have not seen any other stores carry this yet, so I'm wondering if this is exclusive as well. It is made of the lizard embossed leather and has covered hardware.  I question if the hardware would peel after usage, and how sturdy the lizard embossed leather is.  I would think this leather is tougher than regular distressed Agneau, but I would need to own these for sure to know.  Unfortunately, these would set you back $545+tax!  I haven't purchased any Balenciaga shoes yet, and I am literally biting my hand from clicking the "checkout" button.  Oh these are sooo gorgy....!

What do you think of them? Are the bag/shoes yay or nay?  Are you getting tired of all these LE items they are trying to push on us?