Monday, July 26, 2010

New style alert: TRAPEZE and STRATEGY

Boutique Cult Status of Australia has gotten in two of Balenciaga's newest style: the Trapeze and Strategy!  In their blog they have posted some awesome and very informative pictures of these two bags.

An interesting bit about the Trapeze is that is has not one or two, but THREE separate internal compartments.. can you say ORGANIZATION? That is pretty neat feature that I think Bal has not used yet.  My guess it's called the Trapeze because of its trapezoid shape.  It does have a shoulder strap, but unfortunately is too short to be carried as a messenger.  It reminds me of a Classic City but in a trapezoid shape.  Yay or nay?
The Strategy is yet another new style that Balenciaga has devised for this Fall season, and this one CAN be worn cross body style.  It appears that the Strategy already has that "broken in" slouch that many of us Bal fanatics love on our bags!  It automatically slouches when things are placed inside, which is pretty cool!  I think I like this one better than the Trapeze as it is more wide if you look at the side shots.  Would love to have this as an overnight bag!

All images via Cult Status blog.