Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nicole Richie same outfit twice

Nicole Richie seems to really love her new clothing line, Winter Kate!  I think she's worn this tunic three times in a row to traffic school already! lol.  I'm not one to judge, I love to repeat outfits too, but I have a good reason.. I don't have a huge budget.  Nonetheless.. I still love that tunic she's wearing!  Love her Bal too.. so broken in, the leather looks buttery soft, I just want to reach out touch it! I'm slowly breaking in my 06 black City.. it's a bit more structured on the bottom than hers.  

Picture from June 30, 2010 of her walking to traffic school...
Double take on April 22, 2010:
No difference right?! The only difference is that she's holding a coffee mug! 

Maybe she is being clever and is trying to annoy the paparazzi so they get less money for their "duplicate" shots lol! 

Still love you though Nicole! :)

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