Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's underneath that Aged Brass Hardware?


I didn't read the story first and just scrolled to the pics, so as I was staring.. I was thinking to myself.. "Wah? They made classic silver hardware??? No way..."

I found this by stumbling on this interesting little blog post from Australian boutique Cult Status.  One of their customers who bought a black Town with Classic Hardware decided to customize her bag, by SANDING off the brash finish of her hardware! 

I have to give her a thumbs up because the bag simply looks amazing.  It really truly reminds me of the ancient Pewter Hardware era of 2003-2004.  The one little setback I think about is if the hardware feels rough?  Balenciaga if you are reading this.. you need to bring this type of hardware back.  It's to die for!

Read the full story of this customer's daring customization here on Cult Status's BLOG... and I must heed a warning to NOT try this on your own bags!!!