Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nordstrom Arden Fair: suede and other rose gold bags

Rene has gotten in some new Bal bags at the Nordstrom store in Arden Fair, California.  If you are interested in any of these pieces her phone is 916-646-2400 ext. 1256, or you can email me for her email address. 
  • Lizard Embossed City RH in Black, Castagna, and Cypress
  • Velo in Black, Pivoine and Anthracite
  • City in Pivoine, blue & green suede
  • Folk in Pivoine, black, and Anthracite
  • Work in black suede
  • Rose Gold City in Castagna
  • Rose Gold Pompon in Black
  • Rose Gold Town in Black
  • RGGH Money in Black 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Murier with Rose Gold!

This is definitely a hit combination of color and hardware this season.  Murier is a true dusty purple/mauve color and when paired with Rose Gold hardware looks stunning!  My Theresa has gotten it in the Part-Time style!

Click here to see the Murier RGGH Part Time

Just when I thought the black cosmetic case with RGGH couldn't get any cuter.. they also received one of these little babies in Bois De Rose.  This one would look so cute holding all your misc items in your Bal bag! Loves!!
Bois De Rose RGGH Cosmetic Case

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Minty fresh goodness Vert D'eau

photo via
Barneys stock photo
A few days ago, lovely Cari alerted me that had gotten in the Velo in the new Vert D'eau.  Now Bal has already produced a Vert D'eau in 2007, so this is kind of a repeat color.. the shade may be different just a tad.  As you can see in the two pics above, they are the same color and style, but the lighting of each pic make the shade look so different!  In my opinion, Barneys photo is probably a true representation of the color.  I think this is a very pretty color, if I were not bag banned I would love to own something perhaps a Day bag with rose gold?  

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Move On

The Move On is a super cute new style that Balenciaga has come up with.  In an effort to find out more about this little bag, I decided to just ask someone who worked for them. Well, bingo!  Steve from the Balenciaga store in Costa Mesa .. love him.... has told me everything he knows about this little cutie.

 He says:

"We will be getting this style in eventually. As soon as it comes I will let you know. For this seasons colors, here is what's coming:

        Classic Move On:        Black, Anthracite, Bleu Roi, Murier (this is the Fall 2010 purple), Nacre, and Pivoine

        Giant Silver Move On:        Black, Anthracite, Bleu Roi, Murier, Bois De Rose, and Pivoine

        Giant Rose Gold:        Black, Anthracite, Seigle, and Nacre

The Classic style is $625.00, and the Giant style's are $685.00.

Shoulder strap yes! Similar to the Hip in size and strap. Dimensions in cm are 19 x 16 x 4, I think Hip dimensions are 24 x 20 x 1 "

To reach Steve: simply put Attn Steve in the subject line and email him at

What I like is that it is slightly cheaper than the Giant Hip.  Although the Move On with Black and Rose Gold hardware is really tempting.. I must hold out for the spring colors.  Can you tell I have a thing for little cross body bags?  I think the drawstring part is an interesting new feature, but I probably would never cinch the bag unless I'm going into some dangerous pick pocketing territory or plan on jumping up and down furiously.  I prefer to leave my bags open for easy access to my stuff.  

And so the wait continues for this one..

Want but don't need: new cosmetic case

Move over Makeup Case!  There is a new beauty bag in town! My Theresa has gotten in an interesting new bag which looks like a taller version of the "Pencil" case.  I think I'm becoming a sucker for Rose Gold hardware because I want one!  I don't actually need one, but it would definitely be nice to have one in my City.  I literally stuff my coin purse like its about to explode.. I will have to do a post on whats in my CP later! 

My Theresa calls it a "small cosmetic bag", but I'm not sure if there is another name for it as it is the first time I've seen this cutie!  Looks like it costs about the same as a Makeup at 385 Euros ~ $494.  The leather looks really fluffy and soft on this one... YUM!

Click here to see it:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black rose gold triple tour bracelet

Just got this in the mail today from Balenciaga LA, and I must say I was skeptical at first.  They only had size medium available, and I know I would need the smallest size because I have tiny wrists.  So when I tried it on, I was hoping for a snug fit, but I was wrong!  Even on the last notch (3 total), it is still quite loose.   After wearing it all day, I have gotten use to it wiggling around, and actually like the "loose" look.  Also, this is a long term investment for me.. to cover up my unsightly wrist tattoo!  As an alternative solution, I could also punch another hole into it, but I'm still considering that as a last resort. 

This is my first rose gold hardware piece!  I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon.. baby steps at a time. 

As comparison shots, I have included some pics of my Dannijo Makaha wrap bracelet in purple, purchased from Shopbop.  It has an interesting bumpy texture since it is Stingray leather.  The bumps also create a nice glittery effect.  This has more holes so I can wear this one nice and snug on my wrist. 

The Dannijo bracelet is still available on Shopbop at 70% off.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fall Preview on

Finally got the site to work for me, so I took some screen shots of the upcoming new styles!  Click here to view the rest.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New fall goodies on

So the Balenciaga website has finally restocked F/W goodies!  Here are my favorites:
"Parme" pink Lizard Embossed City
Murier City
Nacre GSH Bracelet Cuff

Vert D'eau Triple Tour Bracelet

Blue Roi RGGH Bracelet Cuff
Click here for the Balenciaga website.

More lizard embossed flats

I guess Balenciaga will be releasing this in a whole line of colors!  Barneys has gotten in a beautiful pair of pink and green ones to their website.  The green kind of reminds me of Pommier, and the pink is a lovely baby pink.  I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of pink shoes.. they are hard to match.. but these are very feminine and very cute.  

Still looking to own a pair of Bal flats one day... I really want those upcoming scrunch flats from the spring line!  Bal is really killing me with all these gorgeous new things that are coming out.  I have a hard time justifying paying full price for shoes.. I've never paid retail for shoes, it's just not me.  Maybe I'll make the exception one day for these? These are the moments when I wish they would just go on sale at the end of the season.

These flats are available at Barneys for $545, also available in black and the lavender.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aloha Rag gets some Murier goodies in!

 Aloha Rag boutique of Hawaii has gotten in a few goodies today:
  • Giant Hip Silver Hardware: Anthracite, Black $765
  • Murier Mini Pom Pon Classic Hardware $1195
  • Giant Town Silver Hardware: Murier, Anthracite $1695
  • Giant Money Silver Hardware: Castagna, Anthracite $555

Please email me if you would like me to forward you the attached pictures.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Envelope Clutch

Kim was spotted going to a friend's house in West Hollywood, CA on Tuesday, August 10, 2010.  In her hand is a gorgeous Envelope Clutch with gold hardware.  It looks like Anthracite since the color is lighter than her black dress.  It's a darn shame that they are discontinuing gold hardware (though they will continue the popular styles in black leather).

I think the Envelope Clutch is very pretty, and is definitely the perfect and very elegant clutch for evenings.  This bag is definitely on my wish list.  I would choose either Black or Anthracite as well with Gold or Rose Gold Hardware.  I feel like I need a Bal in every style for every occasion!