Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black rose gold triple tour bracelet

Just got this in the mail today from Balenciaga LA, and I must say I was skeptical at first.  They only had size medium available, and I know I would need the smallest size because I have tiny wrists.  So when I tried it on, I was hoping for a snug fit, but I was wrong!  Even on the last notch (3 total), it is still quite loose.   After wearing it all day, I have gotten use to it wiggling around, and actually like the "loose" look.  Also, this is a long term investment for me.. to cover up my unsightly wrist tattoo!  As an alternative solution, I could also punch another hole into it, but I'm still considering that as a last resort. 

This is my first rose gold hardware piece!  I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon.. baby steps at a time. 

As comparison shots, I have included some pics of my Dannijo Makaha wrap bracelet in purple, purchased from Shopbop.  It has an interesting bumpy texture since it is Stingray leather.  The bumps also create a nice glittery effect.  This has more holes so I can wear this one nice and snug on my wrist. 

The Dannijo bracelet is still available on Shopbop at 70% off.