Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Look at these new 2011 spring bags!

Ruiruiwinter on purse forum posted these amazing pictures of new 2011 bags! If I'm guessing correctly.. the bright pink is Grenadine, the dusty lilac is Ardoise, brighter light purple is Nuage and the lighter pink is Vieux Rose. After seeing these pics, I must have that drawstring pouch and bracelet!

I think the precollection swatch might be a little off in color. I actually thought the new purples were blues.

Either way I'm in love.. and I'm going to be broke.

What do you think? Too girly? Click here for the rest of the photos of tpf.

Nuage & Praline
Vieux Rose with Rose Gold
This looks like the new Praline
Nuage again.. love the pouch and bracelet
Ardoise and Grenadine (Love the bracelet)
Ardoise & Grenadine again
Militaire and Mimosa
Vieux Rose buckle flat and Ardoise scrunch flat (love) and boots
The swatch (which is off in my opinion):
A big hug and thanks to Rui!! :)