Friday, August 6, 2010

Nordstrom Seattle new arrivals

Lovely SA Peggy Urban has received some Balenciaga bags from 2009-2010 season at the Nordstrom Seattle store. 

They have the following:
  • 002s Giant Pompon in Vert Green $1895
  • 003s Giant Mid Day in Bordeaux $1895
  • 005s Giant Violet $1375
  • 006s Giant covered City in black $1945
  • 007s Classic Day in Bordeaux $1145
  • 008s Giant Mid Day Bianco $1895
  • 009s Giant Folder in Bianco $1825
  • 010s Giant Folder in Black $1825
  • 011s Arena Drum in Sorbet $1195
  • 012s Classic Part Time in black $1545 (I also have the Classic City in black in the store $1445)
  • 013s Giant Day in Black $1495
  • 014s Classic Day in Light Blue $1145
  • 016s The First Classic in Granny $1245
  • 017s The First Classic in Pourpre $1245
  • 018s The First Classic in Petrol Blue $1245
  • 019s Giant Folder in Maldives $1825
  • 021s Giant City in Light Blue $1795
  • 022s The Classic Day in Granny $1145
  • 023s The Classic City in Pommier Vert Green $1145
  • 024s Giant Work in Marine Multi Color weave $2825
  • 025s The Club in Pourpre $1145
  • 026s Giant Folder in Petrol Blue $1825
  • 027s Giant City with Rose Gold hardware in Light Olive $1795
  • 028s The Club in Chataigne $1145
  • 029s The Giant Mid Day in Mandarine $1825

Her phone number is the following: 206.628.1253
If you would like her email address, please leave a comment or send me an email.  

Since the list is so long, I'll just add a few of the attachment photos.  If you would like me to forward it to you, feel free to send me an email.