Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Pic: Miroslava Duma

This is taken a couple months back in July from the Style and the City blog, but it is a really pretty picture worth blogging about!  She has probably given birth to her baby by now, but I'm still admiring her maternity style!  If I ever am expecting another one, I will attempt to take some fashion cues from her.  Of course her pregnancy outfit consists of a Balenciaga First bag and beautiful Balenciaga sandals.  The sandals I've noticed without interest before, but now seeing them on her, I have to do a double take.  Everything looks good on this girl!

I love that the colors of her outfit matches exactly to her shoes - brown, white, and black!

Shop here for Miro's Balenciaga sandals, and here for her Balenciaga bag.
Image via Style and the City blog Kamel Lahmadi