Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kim enjoys some Pinkberry

Kim Kardashian was spotted getting her hair done at the Neil George Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, CA on September 1, 2010.  Afterward, in the pics below she is seen enjoying a huge cup of Pinkberry frozen yogurt!  They recently opened one near me (finally) and it is a healthy alternative for when you have an ice cream craving!  

About Neil George, I just tried a sample of his Everyday Cleanse shampoo and the scent is divine! It is marked to smell like "orange blossoms", very fragrant and fresh.  I'm definitely ordering a full size tube soon!

Kim is carrying my fave Balenciaga bag right now, a black city!  If you are shopping around for your first Bal and are unsure of what to get, then this is the one.  You can never go wrong with this size and color. Perfection!

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