Saturday, October 30, 2010

Balenciaga Skinny Belt

Happy Weekend All! :)

Balenciaga is no longer known just for their motorcycle bags now since they've already branched out to add their designer touch to ballerina flats and now.. belts!  This lovely skinny belt  in Siegle (taupe-ish color) was spotted on Matches website.  It is adorned with their covered  studded hardware, and their signature perforation design that goes hand-in-hand with the CGH. It is on the pricey side at £265.00 or ~$413 USD. 

My take:  I love their version of the skinny belt! I wish it was more budget friendly especially since it's such a small leather good, because if you spend about $80 more you can get a pair of RH ballerina flats instead!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shop's new styles

Got an email this morning about some new styles the website just received - the Continental, and Move On.  Both are considered as small clutch bags, and both are around the same price $675 and $685 respectively.  Not a huge fan of the Continental as it seems like they just slapped on a shoulder strap on the Money wallet and called it a new style!  Though it would be a good choice for parties for carrying your wallet on your shoulder rather than holding it in your hand the entire night with the possibility of losing it.

Of course, Murier and Vert D'eau go together beautifully.. a lovely pastel duo. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultimate Splurge Lilac Croc City

This is probably the most ultimate splurge for Balenciaga lovers especially if you have $17,500 lying around. has this crazily expensive bag for sale in a gorgeous lavender shade.  This time Balenciaga glamorizes their timeless City into beautiful crocodile leather handbag.  At 17k, it's so pricey that it belongs on a pedestal to be ogled at like a piece of art.  

My take? I love it.  It will be forever out of reach for me - price wise, but if Barney's would like to send it to me for a review, I would happily accept! lol.  The price is equivalent to the cost of a brand new 2010 Honda Civic LX!!

Click here to check out the Croc City.

Since we're on the topic of crocodile bags, let's take a look at some celebrities carrying the Balenciaga croc bag.

Janet Jackson with a blue croc GSH Part Time. Source:
Heidi Pratt with blue Croc Weekender RH. Source:
Miranda Kerr with Part Time. Source: Zimbio
Jessica Seinfeld poses with the Croc bags at Balenciaga in East Hamptons, NY. Source: Just Jared.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Classic Stitch

MyTheresa has gotten in another one of Balenciaga's newest style.  It is a smaller shoulder bag called the Stitch! It has a strap that is long enough to be worn cross body styled.  It is slightly similar to the Hip, but has a really cool "stitching" embellishment along the edge of the bag.  Also, the Stitch's round-ish shape is reminiscent of the retired Oval clutch style.   Something different about this bag is that is has three inner compartments, which is great for organization.  There are two equally sized main compartments separated by zip compartment.  Very cool in my opinion!  Currently selling for € 545,00 which is approx $765 USD.  The dimensions are 9.5"x7"x2" and the length of strap is 48.5". 

3 Compartment Interior

Since I did mention the Oval Clutch, thought it would be nice to refresh our minds to what it looked like! This is a very cute style, shame they've stopped producing it.  I wouldn't mind this baby in black! Below is of MK Olsen carrying the Oval, and this has got to be another one of my fave pics of celebs with Bals! She looks soo chic.

Images via

Mary Kate Olsen with White Oval Clutch

This style was also seen in Murier with Giant Silver Hardware, click here for the previous post.

Click here to see the Stitch on

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tara Reid's Mini Classique!

It's always great to see celebrities carrying older Balenciaga bags!  This time, it's Tara Reid holding an adorable Mini Classique bag in black, spotted yesterday. They are now rarely seen since they have been discontinued in 2005.  A while back, I did get a chance to spot one in real life during an open house at my university!  It is truly a tiny bag, since I recall the lady was using it as a wallet with a shoulder strap.

Images via

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Black Suede City

Happy Weekend Everyone! :)

It looks like the new suede line is popular among celebrities! The silver-like hardware is very reminiscent of the pewter hardware they made years ago.  Braving the cold weather, the Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney were spotted out and about this morning in Soho, New York.  I'm totally loving her cold-weather look, her casual outfit is very sleek and sophisticated.

To shop Kim's look:
Click here for the suede City in brown
Click here for a similar gray beanie by Free People
Click here for a similar gray top by Eight Sixty 
Click here for a similar scarf by MBMJ
Click here for similar gray jeggings by Siwy
Click here for Kim's Stuart Weitzman boots

Images via

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Hardware News!

Anthra GGH Day pic via Barneys website

So I just got another email today from Steve of Balenciaga Costa Mesa about Gold Hardware bags!!  They are producing it again, but in very limited quantities.  Right now, they are producing only Anthracite with Gold, and Limited Edition Pivoine with Gold.  This is great news for those who have been wanting a Gold Hardware bag!

Here's what he said: 

We just received replenishment of some popular older colors, new items/styles/accessories, F/W 2010 colors, and I have many On-Order items, which you can reserve now. Here is my list... most of these items are limited stock, maybe no more than 2 in store. So if you see something you like, act fast (email or call me ASAP), or if you stop in PLEASE ask for me.
This will probably be 1 of 3 pages...
On-Order: (These can be reserved only w/ a credit card)
        *** Pivoine Giant Gold (Yellow Gold) City - Unfortunately I have no picture. This will come in roughly 2 weeks, and LIMITED to only 25 for our store. The Pivoine was not made in Yellow Gold this season but because of the demand on the color and hardware, corporate made this LIMITED item.
        *** Anthracite Giant Gold (Yellow Gold) City, Part Time, Work, Day, and Envelope - Unfortunately on these items, we do not have a delivery date at the moment, however, if you are interested, I can get back to you.
Available stock now:

        Raisin - Classic First, Giant Silver Pom-Pon, and Giant Covered Pom-Pon
        Moutarde - Giant Silver First
        Sorbet - Classic Part Time, and Classic Day
        Bois De Rose - Classic City
        Anthracite - Classic City, Classic Part Time, Giant Silver City, and Giant Silver Part Time
        Pivoine - Giant Rose Gold Work
        Nacre - Giant Rose Gold Work
        Snow Leopard w/ Blue Trim First - Limited 10 Year Anniversary
        Giant Hips: Giant Silver - Black, Anthracite, Bois De Rose, Murier, Pommier, Cypres, and Canard
                         Giant Rose Gold - Black, Seigle, and Nacre        
        Alphabet Totes - 

More details about the little accessories:
So these are the new Keychains, Charms, and Wallets...
Shoe Keychain, $195.00 - Colors: Aigue Marine, Baby Blue, Jaune, Vert Fluo, Fuxia, Rose Layette, Rouge Vermillon, and Turquoise. (These colors are in order from left to right as you look at the picturers. These same colors are offered in the Classic Mini First as well). The Shoe Keychain on the bag is to show the size of it.
Classic Mini First, $345.00 (Part of the 10 Year Anniversary Collection) - Same colors as the Shoe Keychain, however, we are getting a Black Embossed Lizard print soon. Here are just a few colors.
Mirror Keychain, $245.00. The colors available are:
        Anthracite, Nacre, Pivoine, and Murier
Continental Wallet. Similar to the Money Wallet just more credit cards slots and different lay out inside. Also, this one comes with a strap. So you can make it into an evening purse. Comes in Classic Hardware and Giant Rose Gold Hardware.
Colors: Black, Pivoine, and Anthracite.

Let me know your thoughts on these items. They are selling fast.

Email Steve at or call him at 714.668.0557.

ETA JANUARY 24, 2011: Ashley R. from Balenciaga Las Vegas has emailed me about a limited edition Gold Hardware Turquoise City, and Anthracite bags with gold hardware they will be receiving. Email Attn: Ashley to to reach her.

LE Turquoise Color Swatch via tpf: 

Original email:
I just wanted to update you and let you know that we will be launching a Turquoise GGH Limited Edition City bag in April, and a shipment of Anthracite GGH City, Part Times, Velo, and envelopes will be coming. If you are interested in any of these items please feel free to contact me as the list for these items are filling up. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Accessories! Mini Shoe, Mirror, Mini First

So, I finally got in touch with Steve from Balenciaga of Costa Mesa, and he sent me some gorgeous pictures of some new styles.  I'm still hemming and hawing on whether to buy one! Turns out the shoe cost less than the Mini First, which makes it much more appealing - price wise.  It would be so cute to hang one of these of my bags. Right now, not sure if I could justify buying the mirror since almost every bag comes with a mirror, though it doesn't have the cool hardware and key ring.

Too many new goodies are out! I really want to save for a new bag from the S/S 2011 colors.  Right now, having a money tree would be ideal in this situation. lol.

Anthracite & Murier Keychain $245

Mirror Side

Nacre and Pivoine

The Continental, Similar to the Money but with a shoulder strap, $675

Move On in Nacre $685

Mini Shoe in Mustard $195

Mini Shoes! $195

More colors! Too Cute!
Mini First in Apple Green $345

Please contact Steve at or you can reach him at 714-668-0557.  He is my favorite SA ever.  Hope it's okay to post these pics, since I did see some boutique pictures posted on the forum.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kourtney Kardashian's Pony Fur Flats!

Here are some great shots of Kourtney Kardashian wearing the LE Leopard Print Flats that are made of pony fur.  The upkeep of pony fur is probably more difficult than traditional leather, and they are also pricier too at $645.  They look really cute on her and adds some interesting color to her all black fall outfit.  She was spotted today in NYC leaving her hotel and shopping at Wholefoods Market!  I was just at Wholefoods today, and I must that I love shopping there!!

Click here to shop the Pony Fur Flats or here for the ankle bootie version.

Grocery shopping
Carrying Mason's Square Tote Diaper bag

Images via

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Sparkly Surprise: Stardust Pencil

I never thought I'd give this particular style another chance, I decided to give it another shot. 

They call this one the Stardust Metallic Beige, and it was considered as Limited Edition during the 2009 F/W season.  The leather feels almost suede-like, but has a very interesting glittery effect.  This will sit pretty in my bag! lol.

So to sum up this post the Pros of this little cutie are:
  • fits more than the Coin Purse
  • almost as compact as the Coin Purse
  • price point was very good
Cons are:
  • Stardust metallic leather may flake? 
  • Front pocket is teeny tiny, almost useless!

Pencil versus 09 Mini Mini Framboise Coin Purse

What I store in it, but there is definitely room for more things!

Can't fit a lip gloss in the front :(

GSH Pencil vs 07 GSH Coin Purse

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Closer Look at 2011 Spring Colors

I was doing my daily browse on the Purse forum, and a lovely Pfer posted a clearer and more accurate photo of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 colors.  They are all Money wallets, but still beautiful! I did some googling of my own and found a collage photo (couldn't find any separate shots) of some of the new colors.

I love the pictures of the Grenadine Town, and Nuage RGGH Work bag (left side).. they are such happy colors!  My wishlist has suddenly gotten longer... lol.

I've read that these colors are set to be released late December/early January.  The countdown begins!

Silver-like hardware with Perforated Trim! Very cute.

Click here to refer back my old post on S/S 2011 bags (also has a color swatch).
Images via ZukiEuroGoGo 

ETA 10/17: Someone on PF has posted a link from the Showroom101 website of the new colors!! Thought I'd share with those who haven't seen these pictures yet.