Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Accessories! Mini Shoe, Mirror, Mini First

So, I finally got in touch with Steve from Balenciaga of Costa Mesa, and he sent me some gorgeous pictures of some new styles.  I'm still hemming and hawing on whether to buy one! Turns out the shoe cost less than the Mini First, which makes it much more appealing - price wise.  It would be so cute to hang one of these of my bags. Right now, not sure if I could justify buying the mirror since almost every bag comes with a mirror, though it doesn't have the cool hardware and key ring.

Too many new goodies are out! I really want to save for a new bag from the S/S 2011 colors.  Right now, having a money tree would be ideal in this situation. lol.

Anthracite & Murier Keychain $245

Mirror Side

Nacre and Pivoine

The Continental, Similar to the Money but with a shoulder strap, $675

Move On in Nacre $685

Mini Shoe in Mustard $195

Mini Shoes! $195

More colors! Too Cute!
Mini First in Apple Green $345

Please contact Steve at or you can reach him at 714-668-0557.  He is my favorite SA ever.  Hope it's okay to post these pics, since I did see some boutique pictures posted on the forum.