Friday, October 22, 2010

Gold Hardware News!

Anthra GGH Day pic via Barneys website

So I just got another email today from Steve of Balenciaga Costa Mesa about Gold Hardware bags!!  They are producing it again, but in very limited quantities.  Right now, they are producing only Anthracite with Gold, and Limited Edition Pivoine with Gold.  This is great news for those who have been wanting a Gold Hardware bag!

Here's what he said: 

We just received replenishment of some popular older colors, new items/styles/accessories, F/W 2010 colors, and I have many On-Order items, which you can reserve now. Here is my list... most of these items are limited stock, maybe no more than 2 in store. So if you see something you like, act fast (email or call me ASAP), or if you stop in PLEASE ask for me.
This will probably be 1 of 3 pages...
On-Order: (These can be reserved only w/ a credit card)
        *** Pivoine Giant Gold (Yellow Gold) City - Unfortunately I have no picture. This will come in roughly 2 weeks, and LIMITED to only 25 for our store. The Pivoine was not made in Yellow Gold this season but because of the demand on the color and hardware, corporate made this LIMITED item.
        *** Anthracite Giant Gold (Yellow Gold) City, Part Time, Work, Day, and Envelope - Unfortunately on these items, we do not have a delivery date at the moment, however, if you are interested, I can get back to you.
Available stock now:

        Raisin - Classic First, Giant Silver Pom-Pon, and Giant Covered Pom-Pon
        Moutarde - Giant Silver First
        Sorbet - Classic Part Time, and Classic Day
        Bois De Rose - Classic City
        Anthracite - Classic City, Classic Part Time, Giant Silver City, and Giant Silver Part Time
        Pivoine - Giant Rose Gold Work
        Nacre - Giant Rose Gold Work
        Snow Leopard w/ Blue Trim First - Limited 10 Year Anniversary
        Giant Hips: Giant Silver - Black, Anthracite, Bois De Rose, Murier, Pommier, Cypres, and Canard
                         Giant Rose Gold - Black, Seigle, and Nacre        
        Alphabet Totes - 

More details about the little accessories:
So these are the new Keychains, Charms, and Wallets...
Shoe Keychain, $195.00 - Colors: Aigue Marine, Baby Blue, Jaune, Vert Fluo, Fuxia, Rose Layette, Rouge Vermillon, and Turquoise. (These colors are in order from left to right as you look at the picturers. These same colors are offered in the Classic Mini First as well). The Shoe Keychain on the bag is to show the size of it.
Classic Mini First, $345.00 (Part of the 10 Year Anniversary Collection) - Same colors as the Shoe Keychain, however, we are getting a Black Embossed Lizard print soon. Here are just a few colors.
Mirror Keychain, $245.00. The colors available are:
        Anthracite, Nacre, Pivoine, and Murier
Continental Wallet. Similar to the Money Wallet just more credit cards slots and different lay out inside. Also, this one comes with a strap. So you can make it into an evening purse. Comes in Classic Hardware and Giant Rose Gold Hardware.
Colors: Black, Pivoine, and Anthracite.

Let me know your thoughts on these items. They are selling fast.

Email Steve at or call him at 714.668.0557.

ETA JANUARY 24, 2011: Ashley R. from Balenciaga Las Vegas has emailed me about a limited edition Gold Hardware Turquoise City, and Anthracite bags with gold hardware they will be receiving. Email Attn: Ashley to to reach her.

LE Turquoise Color Swatch via tpf: 

Original email:
I just wanted to update you and let you know that we will be launching a Turquoise GGH Limited Edition City bag in April, and a shipment of Anthracite GGH City, Part Times, Velo, and envelopes will be coming. If you are interested in any of these items please feel free to contact me as the list for these items are filling up. I hope to hear from you soon.