Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Limited Edition Mini Bag Key rings & shoes!

In honor of Balenciaga's 10th anniversary of the classic bag, they have released some super cute mini bag key rings in a variety of colors!  Below are pictures of it in the mustard color that a lovely blogger from Purses and Pugs has posted.  From what I've read and seen is that it is slightly smaller than the mini mini Coin purse, and because of this it cannot fit credit cards.  It is priced at $345 USD or 225 Euros which costs almost as much as a Coin Purse with Giant Hardware.  

My take: I almost bought one!  The one thing that held me back was the price, and what I would do with it.  It is so adorable and because it is the first time they've released these miniatures, I am so tempted!  

If any of you are interested in buying one, I did some emailing around to check to see if the US boutiques stocked it, and I have received replies from New York and Las Vegas.

Chiemi from Balenciaga Las Vegas has the following colors: Apple Green, Mint Green, and Mustard.
Bill from Balenciaga New York has Maldives, Sorbet Pink, Mustard, Ciel and Apple Green.

Photo Credits: Pursesandpugs.com  (Thanks so much) Check out her blog for beautiful Balenciaga action shots and travel photos.

I have also read on another blog that they also have mini Balenciaga flat shoes available too! I will post a pic if I can find one. Too cute!

ETA:  Wonderful blogger Just Me Pumma has let me post a pic of the mini flats!! I don't know which is cuter.. the shoe or the bag! They remind me of shoes for baby girls. :)
Check out her blog! She has amazing style and loves Balenciaga too!