Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Sparkly Surprise: Stardust Pencil

I never thought I'd give this particular style another chance, I decided to give it another shot. 

They call this one the Stardust Metallic Beige, and it was considered as Limited Edition during the 2009 F/W season.  The leather feels almost suede-like, but has a very interesting glittery effect.  This will sit pretty in my bag! lol.

So to sum up this post the Pros of this little cutie are:
  • fits more than the Coin Purse
  • almost as compact as the Coin Purse
  • price point was very good
Cons are:
  • Stardust metallic leather may flake? 
  • Front pocket is teeny tiny, almost useless!

Pencil versus 09 Mini Mini Framboise Coin Purse

What I store in it, but there is definitely room for more things!

Can't fit a lip gloss in the front :(

GSH Pencil vs 07 GSH Coin Purse