Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ultimate Splurge Lilac Croc City

This is probably the most ultimate splurge for Balenciaga lovers especially if you have $17,500 lying around. has this crazily expensive bag for sale in a gorgeous lavender shade.  This time Balenciaga glamorizes their timeless City into beautiful crocodile leather handbag.  At 17k, it's so pricey that it belongs on a pedestal to be ogled at like a piece of art.  

My take? I love it.  It will be forever out of reach for me - price wise, but if Barney's would like to send it to me for a review, I would happily accept! lol.  The price is equivalent to the cost of a brand new 2010 Honda Civic LX!!

Click here to check out the Croc City.

Since we're on the topic of crocodile bags, let's take a look at some celebrities carrying the Balenciaga croc bag.

Janet Jackson with a blue croc GSH Part Time. Source:
Heidi Pratt with blue Croc Weekender RH. Source:
Miranda Kerr with Part Time. Source: Zimbio
Jessica Seinfeld poses with the Croc bags at Balenciaga in East Hamptons, NY. Source: Just Jared.