Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Even more pics of S/S 2011 Bags

I am so very excited for the upcoming weeks since it is rumored to be that the new S/S 2011 Balenciaga colors start to trickle into the stores.  I was able to do some googling around to find a few more random pics of the new colors that are soon due to arrive. 

ETA 12/1/10: Asked Balenciaga NY when they would be receiving colors and they replied with end of this week or next week. 

Is anything on your wishlist?! I'm considering a Nuage RGGH City or PT!

"Blanc Light"

Ardoise GSH Part Time (definitely see the lavender undertones here)

Supposedly the new "Dark Night"

Grenadine RGGH Town

Militaire Weekender RH

Nuage RGGH Work <3
Helpful links:
Previous posts on S/S 2011 colors: here and here.
Images via Showroom101.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall 2010 PreSale Info for Neimans and Barneys

I have read on various forums that Neiman Marcus and Barney's are starting presales on select Balenciagas! Excitement!! 

Image via tpf

Neiman Marcus currently has their 10th Anniversary Exclusive Craquele for 33% off for presale in select stores that carry Balenciaga.  These bags are the City and First available in Noir, Bois De Rose and Bronze colors. Prices after discount for the City is approximately $934 and the First is $789.  The ballerina flats with Craquele finish are also available for presale too. 

Bronze Craquele City & Flats. Image via Neimans.

I would totally try to nab the Noir City, but still hurting from my non-Bal sale shopping!

Barney's is also marking down some of the less popular non-moto styles, and will also include their 10th Anniversary Iridescent First bags as well, this one comes in Raisin and Black. The discount on this one is approx 40% off.

Image via ebay designer9822.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's Black Moto Jacket

Lindsay Lohan was spotted today, November 26, 2010 outside a Starbucks in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Still continuing her rehabilitation and always looking fashionable, Lindsay is wearing a highly coveted black Balenciaga leather jacket with silver zippers.  It is no longer produced in this combination, so it is on many Bal lovers' wish lists.  The silver zips add a striking contrast against Balenciaga's supple lambskin leather.

To shop Lindsay's look:
Click here for Lindsay's Lauren Moshi Tank.
Click here for Lindsay's Balenciaga leather jacket or here for True Religion's Moto Jacket and 30% off sale!
Click here for similar booties by Enzo Angiolini.

Images via Celebrity-Gossip.net

Thursday, November 25, 2010

GGH Limited Edition Cities on Balenciaga.com

Just wanted to do a quick post and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Balenciaga has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by putting up some of their highly demanded GGH Cities on the website!

They come in three colors, Blue Roi, Charbon, and Peony and are priced at $1795.  Gorgeous! My fave would have to be the Blue Roi.

Check them out here at Balenciaga.com

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Balenciaga Costa Mesa Pre-Sale

Steve from Balenciaga Costa Mesa sent out a presale email on some of the items that will go on sale for 30%.  They are mainly from the non-motorcycle line with the exception of last year's Tricolor holiday collection.

Here's the original email:
It's that time of the year... We are starting pre-sale today, 30% off. We officially go on sale to the public on December 2nd.
The sale will include :
        Majority of the Women's Ready-to-Wear --> excluding the Leather Motorcycle Jackets, leather pants, and Edition pieces
        Majority of the Women's Shoes --> excluding the Arena Flats
        Some Handbags --> Holiday First/City/Day, the Chain collection, some of the Lune bags, the College collection, and the Pony                                 Fourrure Tote
Here are pictures of some shoes and bags...
Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. If you see something you like, let me know ASAP to place a pre-sale order/reserve on it. Our stock of sale is low this season.

Contact info:
South Coast Plaza

Giant First vs. Regular First

My friend Emily knows I am a huge fan of Balenciaga, so she decided to let me do a post about her new purchase from Balenciaga Las Vegas!

After much browsing and debating between a Town and Giant First, Emily ultimately chose the Giant First because she preferred a bag without the tassels and that the Town's cross body strap was too long for her petite frame.  The Giant First is a reinvented version of the Classic First with Regular Hardware.  The name 'Giant First' is a bit deceiving because it's the same size as the Classic First.  I think the name mostly refers to the type of hardware that is used, but even that doesn't seem so "giant".

The dimensions of both the Giant First and Classic First are 13.5" x 7.5" x 2.6" with a 7.5" shoulder drop and 4" double handle drop.  It is significantly smaller than the City so it pretty much fits just the essentials like a cell phone, wallet, keys, and a small make up pouch- anything more will make the bag difficult to zip up. 

The only differences that I've noticed between the two are that the Giant First has a leather interior tag whereas the Classic has the metal engraved interior tag.  Instead of tassels like on the Classic First, the Giant First has the leather zipper tab pulls.  Also, instead of using the larger giant hardware like we see on the Giant Cities, they've used a smaller version of the silver hardware to be proportionate with the bag's size.  The little silver hardware's is approximately the same size as the traditional aged brass hardware (RH).  The current price of the Giant First is $1595 and the Classic First is $1245.

My take:  I love the look of the First!  It is the perfect size for the petite woman. I try to carry mine more often, but always see myself reaching for my City or Day so I can have more room for my stuff.  

Click here to check out the Giant First and here for the Classic First with RH.

Moutarde '10 Giant Silver Hardware First next to Black '03 Pewter Hardware First


Side By Side
With Miley the Puggle :)
Close Up
Modeling Pic

Matching with Lanvin x H&M dress! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Repairing Split Tassels

As you can see I'm one of those bag owners that like to keep their bags in pristine condition, so I'm always of thinking of ways to preserve that "newness".  Bags, especially Balenciaga are not cheap, so I would like to get as much use out of it as I possibly can.

Now that Balenciaga has stopped providing extra tassels with our bag purchases, some of us regular hardware lovers need to be extra careful with the tassels on our bags.  Balenciaga also no longer carries tassels from previous seasons, so we pretty much have to work with what we've got.

Once your tassels have begun to split in some areas, a quick fix is to use fabric glue to put them back together.  I have provided pictures of how you can easily repair your split tassels at home!  I was able to pick up the fabric glue at my local Wal-Mart (in the crafts section) for $6 so it's not too expensive.  Fabric glue works best because the tassels won't become stiff after being applied. I would also avoid Krazy Glue.. that type of glue will definitely harden the tassels.

First identify the areas where the splitting have started.
  1. Carefully apply a thin layer of fabric glue across one side of a split tassel
  2. Gently press the two split tassels together and also making sure they are also flush with each other (do not wait too long to press them together because the glue sets fairly quickly)
  3. Dab away excess glue with a tissue or napkin.

And Voila! You have tassels that are intact and look almost new. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Love BBags Turns One Today! More S/S 2011 Preview Pics

So I can't believe it's been exactly one year since I have started writing this blog.  It sure flew by fast! I definitely enjoyed writing about Balenciaga!  So here's to another great year blogging!! :) Thank you all for being such loyal readers!

So Style.com has posted a preview of the various styles that Balenciaga has lined up for the S/S 2011 season.  I have to say there are a few cute styles and a lot of "what the heck were they thinking?" styles.  There is a lot suede and lizard texture which is interesting since suede gives a more fall/winter vibe.  There are a lot of new funky styles which I think will eventually either end up on sale or in the outlet lol.  It also seems like they are trying really hard to push the Papier line on us too. 

I have omitted the few that look NOTHING like the Motorcycle line, but you can still check it out here.

So what do you think? Anything that's on your wishlist?
Lizard Papier.  The blue color is very pretty and exotic.

Looks like a Papier version of the Velo with the Perfo trim

Hello Beach! Pink Panier straw bag. Cute.

Structured blue shoulder bag

Ah the Envelope Clutch, it's nice to see you again this season.

Canvas Papier?

Suede work in a beautiful Caramel brown

Red Croc Papier

More lizard

Papier version of the discontinued Afternoon bag?

Yummy RGGH Envelope in a striking bright white

A different version of the Cabas? With straw canvas?

Bal's version of the Fanny Pack. I'm not sure about this one. lol.

Colorful lizard papier.

A canvas satchel.  This one does nothing for me.

Blue suede, red leather trim.  Could be a nice carry-on bag.

Bright green lizard papier.

Birkin-like papier

This one reminds of the American flag.  My son says it's a Spiderman bag, and that it belongs to him. lol.

More Birkin-like bags (see below too).

Suede drawstring bag.

Maxi Papier Twiggy?

Finally an actual new Motorcycle style! Kinda like it, anyone know the name?

Could this be a suede version of Dark Night?

Guess the cross perfo bags will appear in the spring as well

Baby Pink Suede Part Time. Very cute and girly.

Merry Christmas.

Red Suede Velo.

Baby Pink Suede Folk

Teal Suede City. My fave out of everything.

Town in caramel brown suede.

Blue Panier.

OK, who put a pic of a grocery sack in here??

Last of the lizaards.