Friday, November 5, 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim Edie vs. Balenciaga

From time to time, I consider branching out into different bag brands. I know, sounds crazy right?  This will also give me a great opportunity to posts reviews in comparison to Bal. 

One day I become infatuated with the 3.1 Phillip Lim's Edie studded bow bag.  This bag became famous quickly after celebs like Rachel Bilson and Nicky Reed were spotted carrying it.

Source: Net-A-Porter

Nikki Reed with Edie bag. Source:

Rachel Bilson. Source:

So here's my review:
I ended up purchasing it from after much debate on whether I'd truly like it and if I'd use it for a very long time.  The price point was okay since it retailed for $695 USD.  I did see it for 20% off at ShopZoeOnline a few weeks earlier, but it's now sold out.

Once it arrived, I noticed the smell of the leather right away! Hard to describe the smell, but I am assuming it is made from cow leather, it has a slight "stinky" leather smell to it.  My bf said it smelled like furniture leather. I do know it's very different smelling from Bal leather.  The leather was very thick and had an interesting pebbled texture.  Though it was advertised as black, I did see some brown undertones on the leather.  The inside was lined with beige colored cotton fabric.

I did admire that is was a decent size for a small shoulder bag with dimensions of 11.7"x7.4"x6.6" and 34.7" shoulder strap.  The inner compartments are a tad bit smaller, since they measured the extra leather edging approx 1", hard to explain, but check out the pics and you'll get what I mean.  It is spacious inside since I was able to put my wallet, cell, coin purse, and receipt organizer inside.  The front pocket was roomy as well, so this was the spot where I stored my cell phone.  The bow decoration is part of the flap which is fastened with a magnetic button closure, which I did appreciate for quick closure and security purposes.  Kudos to Phillip Lim for such a smart design aesthetic as it was nicely organized, and also very easy to access my stuff inside. 

The bag is slightly on the heavier side compared to my RH Balenciaga bags, probably because of all those little gold studs, and metal mesh embellishments.  I've read that some Edie bag owners losing some of the studs since it is glued on and not tacked through the leather, which is a big bummer.  But, I do know that the Phillip Lim stores will send you replacement studs to take to a cobbler to repair.

When carrying, I was surprised that it was very comfortable to carry around.  Since I'm on the petite side, I was also able to carry this cross body side when needed.  Though because of the shorter shoulder drop, it does sit slightly higher on the hip.  I wouldn't prefer using it this way all the time since it feels very structured, so it's like having a brick banging against your hip. 

Comparison between City and First

Comparison between Hip
Edie and First bag

Carried crossbody

Carried on shoulder

The Verdict: 

I showed my good friend this bag, and the deal breaker for me was when she said the bow reminded her of Lady Gaga!  She made a very good point.  It was then I came to realization that though the bag is super cute, it would probably be dated very soon because of all the punk-rock studs and cutesy over sized bow.  I knew that I would get bored of this one and that was the deal breaker for me. So the very next day, I sent the Edie back.  

I have to say that the leopard print version may be a better choice since it doesn't have the studs. I do like studs in general, but I think it was overkill on the black Edie.  

Gray leopard version. Source:

So.. the moral of the story for me is.. no more straying from Bal (not for a very long time at least)! I'm so sorry I cheated! But I dumped her after two days! lol.