Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Even more pics of S/S 2011 Bags

I am so very excited for the upcoming weeks since it is rumored to be that the new S/S 2011 Balenciaga colors start to trickle into the stores.  I was able to do some googling around to find a few more random pics of the new colors that are soon due to arrive. 

ETA 12/1/10: Asked Balenciaga NY when they would be receiving colors and they replied with end of this week or next week. 

Is anything on your wishlist?! I'm considering a Nuage RGGH City or PT!

"Blanc Light"

Ardoise GSH Part Time (definitely see the lavender undertones here)

Supposedly the new "Dark Night"

Grenadine RGGH Town

Militaire Weekender RH

Nuage RGGH Work <3
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Images via Showroom101.