Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lanvin Ballerinas vs. Balenciaga Flats

Happy Weekend All! :) 

I finally took the plunge and purchased pair of Balenciaga flats! I chose the lizard embossed texture  (made from calf leather) thinking that it will wear better than the agneau leather.  I have seen how a Bal bag can wear from everyday use, so it kind of worries me to see what will happen to angeau flats.
My favorite kind of shoe box :)


I usually wear a 6.5 in American sizing, and was recommended to buy a 37 since they didn't carry half sizes.  When I put them on, they did feel a tad lose, but a pair of Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz cushions will act nicely as a space wedge. These cushions also creates a grip between your heel and shoe to prevent slippage.  

For flats, I usually wear my black or ivory Lanvins (I wear 37.5 for this brand), and those have a tighter grip on my foot because the opening has an elastic banding because of the scrunching.  For the Lanvins, they've held up pretty well, since I use them quite often.  The only sign of wear is on the outer sole where the rubber on the heel has worn down a bit.  I find the leather to be very durable and very easy to wipe clean if ever dirtied. They are very soft and mold to my feet well.  So you can tell I'm a huge Lanvin flat fan!

In comparison, the Lanvin flats have a hidden heel, whereas Balenciaga does not.  The sole of the Balenciaga is much thinner compared to the Lanvin's 20 mm sole.  The vamp is definitely shorter than the Lanvins as I did notice a part of my toes showing.  Both shoes have rubber heels on the front and back.  

Side by Side

Outer soles

Side view
Best invention ever: Foot Petals

Since I wanted to play it safe, I chose the black ones instead of the Acier (the gray with lilac tones).  Maybe I'll consider them if they ever go on sale.  This is my first Balenciaga purchase with Covered Hardware, so here's hoping they don't start to peel or fall off. I'm also hoping they will wear as well as my Lanvins.  I will definitely report back on how that works out!  This will be the deal breaker on whether I will consider purchasing again.

PS: I am also excited to see Balenciaga scrunch style ballet flats coming out in s/s 2011 which was previewed here in Ardoise. 

So, what do you think about Balenciaga ballerinas? Yay or nay? :) Or are do you prefer a different brand of flats?

Helpful links:

About my outfit: 
Shoes: Balenciaga lizard embossed flats available here, here, and here.
Top: Gap ruffle tank available here 
Sweater: Anthropologie Buoyant Bunches Cardi available here on sale!
Jeans: 7FAM Petite Lexie available here

Heavenly Heelz Foot Petal Cushions: click here for 3 pack or here for single pair.

ETA: After wearing it out for a day, I'm in love with these flats! They are comfortable and less binding than the Lanvin elastic ballerinas.  I like the higher trim on the back of the heel to prevent slippage.  For these I'm glad I got a half size bigger because in the spring/summer our feet tend to swell a little when it's hot.. I just realized that my true size for these flats would not do; my toes feel slightly cramped.  My arches were slightly sore the next day since they do not have any heel height at all like how Lanvin has the .5" hidden wedge heel.

I would love to buy another pair.. but I'd wait for until the price is right, and I'd especially wait if it's the regular agneau flats. The cap toe ones with the tie trim are simply adorable and I've been eye-ing those and resisting temptation.

ETA again after a few months of wear: I have been wearing them a couple times a week for a few hours each time and have to say that even the lizard embossed leather is delicate because its so thin! The covered hardware is a bad idea for shoes because after a while of it bumping and scraping into things, parts of the leather on the hardware has started to scuff.  I haven't experienced any loss of studs yet.  The heel part where the leather meets the rubber sole has started to wear down a bit.  Even with these unfortunate issues, I have to say it is still one of the most comfortable flats I ever worn.   Will update with photos soon.