Friday, November 19, 2010

Love BBags Turns One Today! More S/S 2011 Preview Pics

So I can't believe it's been exactly one year since I have started writing this blog.  It sure flew by fast! I definitely enjoyed writing about Balenciaga!  So here's to another great year blogging!! :) Thank you all for being such loyal readers!

So has posted a preview of the various styles that Balenciaga has lined up for the S/S 2011 season.  I have to say there are a few cute styles and a lot of "what the heck were they thinking?" styles.  There is a lot suede and lizard texture which is interesting since suede gives a more fall/winter vibe.  There are a lot of new funky styles which I think will eventually either end up on sale or in the outlet lol.  It also seems like they are trying really hard to push the Papier line on us too. 

I have omitted the few that look NOTHING like the Motorcycle line, but you can still check it out here.

So what do you think? Anything that's on your wishlist?
Lizard Papier.  The blue color is very pretty and exotic.

Looks like a Papier version of the Velo with the Perfo trim

Hello Beach! Pink Panier straw bag. Cute.

Structured blue shoulder bag

Ah the Envelope Clutch, it's nice to see you again this season.

Canvas Papier?

Suede work in a beautiful Caramel brown

Red Croc Papier

More lizard

Papier version of the discontinued Afternoon bag?

Yummy RGGH Envelope in a striking bright white

A different version of the Cabas? With straw canvas?

Bal's version of the Fanny Pack. I'm not sure about this one. lol.

Colorful lizard papier.

A canvas satchel.  This one does nothing for me.

Blue suede, red leather trim.  Could be a nice carry-on bag.

Bright green lizard papier.

Birkin-like papier

This one reminds of the American flag.  My son says it's a Spiderman bag, and that it belongs to him. lol.

More Birkin-like bags (see below too).

Suede drawstring bag.

Maxi Papier Twiggy?

Finally an actual new Motorcycle style! Kinda like it, anyone know the name?

Could this be a suede version of Dark Night?

Guess the cross perfo bags will appear in the spring as well

Baby Pink Suede Part Time. Very cute and girly.

Merry Christmas.

Red Suede Velo.

Baby Pink Suede Folk

Teal Suede City. My fave out of everything.

Town in caramel brown suede.

Blue Panier.

OK, who put a pic of a grocery sack in here??

Last of the lizaards.