Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rose Gold Velo and Quilted Moto Jacket

The bag gods must be listening!  It turns out that this season Balenciaga will be producing a Rose Gold Hardware Velo!  The Velo style is definitely becoming more popular ever since it's recent release this year.  I have to say I'm a fan and prefer the Rose Gold Giant Hardware on the Velo since it looks a bit more proportionate in size than the Classic Hardware.  I would definitely love to see this in Nuage or Ardoise, that would be one delicious combo.  So, I'm currently holding out for something in Nuage with Rose Gold.. and this or the Town could be it! :)

I'm also looking forward to seeing the new quilted motorcycle jacket they have coming out.  This is definitely an interesting variation of the classic one they have out now.  The tiny little preview shot already looks promising! I have to say this could be another winning style of 2011!. So for now here's a tiny shot and a pic of the quilted moto vest, below, which looks incredibly badass chic. lol.

RGGH Velo <3

Suede Town

Balenciaga dress

CGH Day in Blanc

Quilted Moto Vest and Jacket

Ardoise City RH

Vieux Rose City RH
Images via Matches LookBook and Rakuten.

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